Friday, November 9, 2012

Printcopia Review & Giveaway: 11" x 14" Canvas Print

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Giveaway instructions at the bottom of the post: A canvas print OF YOUR CHOICE!
Printcopia gave me the opportunity to have a 11" x 14" canvas print made of my choice. I'm not much of a photographer, but I thought this would be kind of neat since I *try* to venture into artistic forms. Unfortunately for me, I'm not very good at it. At least not very good with paints and the like. We designed this print in Photoshop - yep, made it ourselves (well, Kevin did most of the work, I just watched and assisted by putting cookies on a plate for him).

The print arrived wrapped in plastic, and in a cardboard box with kraft paper to buffer it. The canvas is stapled to a wooden frame, with a hook on the back for wall-hanging. Very simple but there doesn't need to be much more than this. The packaging was more than enough to get it here safely, and everything except the plastic was recyclable (or in this case, the box was given to the cats). The plastic was used for cat litter, so in a way, we were able to reuse everything.
What I really wanted to pay attention to for this print was the print quality, and the contrast between different colors. We picked a solid color background with sharp changes - from orange to the black foreground - as a test, so to speak, of how sharp the print would come out. Did that sentence make any sense? Err... anyway. The quality of the print is very good. The change from the orange to the black is very sharp and distinct - no smudging or smears. From a distance, this makes the print look clean and vivid, so a photograph would look great as well.
Details are sharp. (If it doesn't look sharp, it's because I suck at taking pictures).
Clean edges.
Looks great up close!
The only error we spotted were two grains amongst the orange that were white. It looks like the ink did not fully cover those spots. For a regular photograph, or something without a large range of solid color, this is unnoticeable. And honestly, from a normal distance (a distance at which a wall hanging is likely to be seen), this isn't visible. You have to be up close to see it.
Can you see the two white dots?
We chose the "image wrap" option for the canvas - where the image wraps around the sides/borders. You can also have your image mirrored, or just select a border of your choice. The 11" x 14" is a nice size for a small room - perhaps a bedroom or a study. If you had several, you could put them in any size room. For us, it goes in our office.
A nice effect. You can also get a thicker wrap. This is 0.75". 1.5" is also available.
A few other good things: Printcopia uses non toxic, eco-friendly inks. All canvas prints are made in the USA.You can print directly from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, and there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I wanted to print a cat picture... but I couldn't pick from the six of them (Angel, Cheebs, Tyco, Peaches, Ellie, or Koa). But if you have a cat or dog (or kid!) you'd love a print of, here's your chance to have it done! Or hey, if you want one of yourself or someone else for a Christmas gift, this is pretty good timing!
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Check out Printcopia's other sites if you have needs for car magnets, custom banners, or cheap signs.

Disclaimer: I received the canvas print mentioned in this post from Printcopia in order to facilitate my review. The item featured in this giveaway are also provided by Printcopia and will be sent to the winner directly. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.


Aisazia said...

I'd probably get one of my dogs. :D

Talia said...

I'd get a picture of my family printed.

Julie (O-kami) said...

Very cool - I would probably use a photo of the Akita crew.

Kiri said...

I'd probably get one of my friend's photographs to gift to her. :O

Clara K. Showalter said...

Awesome. I could do one of my Europe shots. :)

IvanR said...

I'm thinking a picture of my wide and I.

Halid 'El-Fakir' said...

I've been contemplating to arrange a wall for my favourite directors. (Bergman, Hitchcock, Nolan, Polanski, Almodóvar, Ki-Duk & Scott)

This can be a good choice.

Thank you for the giveaway and introducing me to this possible answer for my project.

Nicole Pieper said...

I would love a print of Da Bears!

Tennille Siemens said...

I'd have to pick the photo of the outhouse at the lake to hang on my bathroom door! Weird...I know.

throuthehaze said...

a pic of me and my sis

Mary Collis said...

Definitely my pups...Scout, Boo, & Charlie!

Richelle said...

We just got family pics taken. This would be perfect!

Crystal Wayward said...

I would love to get a print of my miniature pinscher!

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