Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Sula Jane and Earl Western Sheaf 3-Pen Wrap

This awesome leather wrap is one of the wonderful goodies I managed to win on Fountain Pen Day - Friday, November 2nd, 2012! Sula Jane and Earl held a Twitter contest and I was hovering waiting for it to go live, then I guessed my little heart out (with the help of the Swab Shop) and won! A few days later, I received this Western Sheaf 3-pen wrap in the mail! Appropriate theme since I'm in Texas right? Not that Texas is West but... you know. The stars. Texas. Texas stars.
Sula Jane and Earl Writing Sheaf
Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, Sula Jane and Earl is a family business inspired by heritage and a 60 acre family farm in Pennsylvania. Like the land our grandparents farmed, our work is hand made, strong, tactile and beautiful. Each product is sewn, nurtured and cultivated to protect your treasured writing instruments through daily use.
Sula Jane and Earl makes leather writing sheaves - from single pen holders to three compartment holders. They also make really pretty business card sheaves. Custom work is also an option if you're interested! Of course you're interested. Who wouldn't be? Prices range from $15.00 - $150.00 for inventory products. Products are hand crafted - hand cut, assembled, and hand sewn in California. Yessir, made in the US of A! 

I'm so excited to have my first pen wrap! And it's so delectable to wrap! Lovelovelove. I'm so excited to have won this wrap! I really like the choice of thread color for the sewing. It is a nice contrast against the black leather. It even shows on the red leather. 

The Western Sheaf 3-pen wrap Western line "is inspired by vintage cowboy boots. Each features multiple colors and motifs like eagles, hearts, flowers, stars, cacti, and horse shoes. The leather used is a combination of pebbly and smooth to bring texture to the designs."

The leather is amazingly soft and supple. I just love to hold it and manipulate it, roll it up, tie it. The leather is a nice thickness - not too thick for rolling up. In other words, I'm glad that it doesn't get bulky once rolled..
Sula Jane and Earl Writing Sheaf
The three pen compartment is in the (almost) center of the sheaf. Each compartment is quite snug so there is no risk of your pens falling out or mushing around. There is an inner flap that has SJ&E embroidered on the bottom left hand side. It's a really nice touch. It covers the tops of the pens that are poking out of each compartment. Measurements are approximately 7" H X 10" W, 9" tuck-in strap.
Sula Jane and Earl Writing Sheaf Empty
Black and red and yellow!
Sula Jane and Earl Writing Sheaf with Pens
Filled with: a Pilot Metropolitan, Pilot Vanishing Point, Pelikan M1005. Small pen to large pen.

After being rolled up, the wrap can lay on its side, or stand upright. 
Sula Jane and Earl Writing Sheaf
Isn't it cute?
Sula Jane and Earl Writing Sheaf
Hopefully this picture will give you more idea of its size - totally holdable in one hand. Don't you want one to hold in your hand? Yes.
Sula Jane and Earl Wrapped Up

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Look, Julie is a fan too!

Love it. I'm now obsessed with rolling and unrolling this wrap, and tucking the strap in to keep it snug. I like holding it in my hand and carrying it around. It's just so strangely satisfying. I love that these are made in the U.S.A and that they're handmade. I wouldn't mind another. Perhaps a pink one...  


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