Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stop Those Pencil Case Diggers!

You know how people sometimes take your pencil case (or pencil cases...) and just go through them as though it's public property? And you're like ummm.... what are you doing? But how do you say that politely? Alas. CoolPencilCase has this awesome solution to this irritating, all-too-common problem.

Allow me to present the Triple Zipper Combination Lock Pencil Pouch!

We all need pencil cases with industrial locks. But this rather adorable lock is better than no lock, and the pencil case is a whopper.
It’s three zippers, one combination lock and zero ways for strangers to look through your pencil pouch.  Available in navy blue, brown, black, and gray, each of the three zippers hold together large compartments perfect for any student. Whether go to class equipped with crayons or a batch of artist pencils, organization is key. Each side compartment opens widthwise to hold approximately 20 pens. The center zipper opens the pencil case completely to reveal functional compartments for your most important school supplies. The left side features four elastic slots to fit 4-8 pens. Adjacent are two mesh compartments, perfect for storing ID cards, paper clips, small notepads. Since there’s so much to fit in this cool pencil case, make sure you make use of the included combination lock. Simply zip all the four zipper charms to one side of the pencil case, and secure the lock with your private, 3-digit combination.
Be still my heart.


mjcong said...

omg would totally buy the bag just for the lock... its so adorable!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Bhahaha the most reasonable reason to purchase something of course!

mayceegreene said...

VERY cute!!!! I am going to have to give that a try. I have only worked with zippers in clothing and I have wanted to try it out on bags but have been a little intimidated.....
THANK YOU for sharing!!

Maycee (Genesis Biosystems)

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