Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: IKEA PRYDLIG Gel Ink Pens - 5 Pack

I salivate for these inky gooey gel pens! Anika (@aisforanika) sent these sweeeet pens for me to test and tinker with. I had won the pink IKEA sketchbook from Anika's blog awhile back and I favor it greatly so it is a perfect match for these cutie gel pens!
Ikea Gel Pens
Aren't they pretty and bright?
Yes, they very much resemble Pilot G-2 pens.
Ikea Gel Pens
I spy...Pilot G-2s.
The colors are fabulous - though the pen colors are a bit misleading. I am surprisingly taken with the orange and green. Usually I am all over the pink but the green has stolen my heart. Apple green.
Ikea Gel Pens
These are great to write with - easy flowing ink, and nice and smooth.
Ikea Gel Pens
The ink is not waterproof, but writing on "normal" paper - i.e. not coated paper, it stays pretty well with just a brushing of water. On the bright side, the ink dries quickly, which means low smearing while writing!
Ikea Gel Pens
Ikea Gel Pens
Close up.
IKEA - $2.99 for five

If IKEA isn't too out of your way, pick up a pack. Or five. Perfect for writing, sketching, doodling, coloring, or even gifting! You can't go wrong with these. Don't miss the chance to stock up yo!!


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