Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Stride Schneider XB Slider Viscoglide Rollerball Pens

These Schneider Slider XB rollerball pens are quite cool looking pens. I was pretty excited to open up the parcel sent from Kerry at Stride - especially when I saw the colors in this pack! A big thank you to Kerry for making this review possible!
Schneider Slider XB Package
Schneider Slider XB
Includes a fine and medium tip on the right.
The eight color pack seen here includes: orange, red, pink, purple, blue, light blue, light green and black rollerball pens with ballpoint ink. A pretty decent selection, right? Especially for ballpoint pens, which are often limited to black, blue, and reds. 
Schneider Slider XB
As if you don't want these colors.

The body is lightweight, plastic, thin, and comfortable. The cap posts and caps well and gives the pen the perfect length for writing. There is also a rubbery grip section that is flush with the barrel. It's a firm grip though so it's just there to give you something to hold on to - not to be squishy and coddle your fingers! 
Schneider Slider XB
But I must say, usually a really comfortable grip is required on a pen that doesn't write all that well because you have to grip it hard and press hard on the paper to get the ink to flow. That is not the case here! The tip is so broad and the ink is so utterly smooth that you barely need to even touch the pen to the page to write. They just glides so well and consistently that it's a pleasure to write with. Even with the generous ink flow and wide tip, the ink dries pretty quickly.
Schneider Slider XB Writing Sample
The extra broad tips and color selection makes these pens great for underlining important notes - so they're pretty perfect for note taking and editing. There are also medium and fine tips, both of which write just as smoothly and consistently as the extra broad tips, but perhaps a more typical size for day-to-day writing purposes.
Schneider Slider XB, M, F
Top to bottom: extra bold, medium, fine.
Schneider Slider XB, M, F
My only real objection to these pens is that they're disposable. I realize most ballpoints are disposable nowadays but there's so much material put into the bodies and packaging that it would be nice to reuse as many parts as possible. However, like I said, most ballpoints are disposable so as far as ballpoints go, these are a great choice.

Passion4Pens.com - $2.35 each
OfficeMax - $11.99 for 8 pack

I very much enjoy writing with the Stride Schneider XB Slider pens - they're inky and smooth, comfortable, and come in a pleasant array of colors. They're not expensive and are pretty easy to find now - at OfficeMax and Office Depot. These pens are really perfect for journaling, note taking, doodling, and editing. Oh, and another cool thing is Stride is a woman-owned business!

Disclaimer: I received the Schneider products mentioned in this post from Stride in order to facilitate my review. Opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have not been compensated for this post in any other way.


KenouniRenashin said...

Stride is a woman-owned business? Did not know that! Hells yeah! Like I need another excuse to buy the Schneider pens....

Estivalia said...

Ah, ballpoints. I think I haven't used one since I switched to fountain pens. That said, I do like the cute colors, I'll grant them that :p

thanks for sharing this review with us~ :)

TrixieinDixie said...

Oh, I have this set of Schneiders! They are the smoothest pens ever... the only other ballpoint that I have at the moment that compares is the Uni Jetstream 101 1.0mm, which was a random find at Big Lots. Insanely slippery!

Jenny Frith said...

oh my goodness. they pop with color!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Understood! I clearly have a large stock of ballpoints though hehe. I use them a lot for doodling. They give good coverage!

Azizah Asgarali said...

Agreed! So awesome!

Kerry @ Stride said...

We are pleased you liked the Schneider Sliders. Thanks for the great review. Keep on writing!

Kerry Brennan Bertram said...

Hey Kenouni, not only are we a women owned business but we employ people with intellectual disabilities. Check out the Stride Story on Facebook.

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