Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Cross Click Rollerball Pen

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Cross Click Pen Packaging
Nice packaging.
The Cross Click rollerball pen is new - the click part that is! I won this Cross Click at the Staples Promotional Products blog. Cross says:
Just when we thought our iconic Cross pen couldn't be improved upon, we added a quick, retractable click. The Cross Click offers the same smooth lines and slender grip you've come to expect from Cross, without the twist. Instead, just click and express yourself.
The Cross Click is a nice, sturdy, slender rollerball pen. I think the pen is really slick and cool looking. This pen is matte chrome and it looks really good! The color is solid and doesn't chip off (at least not in my experience), and the black clicker and clip is a nice color choice. It looks great together. I love the little "Cross" branding written on the clip. By the way, if matte chrome isn't your thing, there is also carbon black, white, and teal finishes available. I am rather attracted to the teal as well...
Cross Click Pen
For me, the pen is quite comfortable to write with. I suspect people with large hands would have trouble writing for a long period of time because of the pen's diameter (it's fairly small). It's well-weighted, even though it's so slender so the only issue could be if you have really big hands! It would be hard to grip extensively.
Cross Click Pen
Just a few pieces - and easy to take apart.
The refill is a rollerball gel ink refill - this particular one from Cross. It's a nice, solid ink that flows consistently and has some water resistance. The highlight of the ink is how fast it dries. It was dry practically in zero seconds - that is, in no time at all. So I feel safe to say a left-handed user could write with this comfortably.
Cross Click Pen Writing Sample
I LOVE THE CLICKER. It is a very appropriately named pen.
However, my favorite part of this pen is the CLICKER. It's just SO satisfying and wonderful. I like to just sit at my desk and click it repeatedly.

Cross - $25.00

A high quality pen that would make a great gift for a family member or friend, or for yourself, preferably. If you have large hands, I would suggest you steer clear of this thin little pen. If not, you're good to go. Oh, and it's refillable as well, and it's safe for lefties! If anything, buy it for the clicker. I love the clicker.

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