Friday, May 11, 2012

Feline Friday: Tyco's Paw Curls

Tyco is a strange cat. I love this video because of his paw curling. He does paw curls to EVERYTHING. He tries to pick things up with this method. Clearly, it always fails. He sometimes looks at his paw afterwards to see if he got what he was trying to get. (He never does).


Shangching CH said...

Auggie does almost the same paw curl too when he plays with his jingle ball toy.  Sometime he would alternate the batting paw and run with the ball, as if he was playing soccer.  Have I told you he used to play catch too with a bean bag?

Aisazia said...

D'aww so cute. lol I love that he keeps looking at his paw. Maybe he thinks he's human and has thumbs and wonders why he can't pick them up when humans can? XD Still adorable.

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