Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27. 2012 - Sunday Reads

  • Chocolate beet cake - I actually love beets in their normal form...I also love chocolate cake. This seems like a divine combination. 
  • Ok. Don't judge me for this section. I don't actually make and eat all these... I just like to look at pictures of food. ... Mini peanut butter cups in a jar.
  • I SERIOUSLY cannot even think straight when looking at these pictures from the Well-Appointed Desk. It... it makes me crazy. I'm salivating. 
  • You've probably seen this already... but it's Dan Smith's daily carry - and I can say that I would totally steal every single one of these pens if I could. In the kindest way possible.
  • This is sort of stationery... I am flabbergasted by the planning and organization that must have gone into this
  • I love Office Space, and thus, Peter, and I also love cats. Therefore... this amuses me.


Shangching CH said...

The Chocolate Beet cake is similar to the potato cake recipe I posted awhile back. Thye make cakes wonderfully moist and not overtly sweet. Ideal for you!
So... are you going back to Taiwan with me next time? We can go on stationery raid..... :)

Shangching CH said...

Okay, so I have to slim down a couple sizes and pack myself into your suitcase!  I can find my way after arrive at the airport....

mary jane ong said...

Oh can i sneak and pack myself away too?  though i may have to go to taiwan next year for brother's wedding banquet muahahahhaha!

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