Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: Zebra Jimnie RT Ballpoint Pen

I used to use the classic Zebra Jimnie gel pen when I was younger, mostly in high school and my first year or two in University and then I just never saw them again, so they faded out of my life. Then a friend recently sent me a Jimnie ballpoint pen! Amazing! I didn't even know these were still made - whoopee! I get to give it a test run!
Zebra Jimnie RT Ballpoint Pen
Not too shabby, right? Look at that delicious, inviting clip. LOOK AT IT!
My memory did not fail me. Jimnie pens are fantastic. These pens are truly a classic. I know ballpoints are not really exciting for most people because like... eh. It's just a ballpoint. Right? No. The Jimnie is such a good looking ballpoint. Handsome, really. And the clip is to die for - you can press on the top of it and it lifts! It has a nice clicking mechanism as well - the kind you just want to keep on clicking for no reason. And check out the grip - it's the perfect shape, goes right to the start of the tip (unlike some pens...), and it's the right softness for being comfortable.
Zebra Jimnie RT Ballpoint Pen Writing Sample
Soft paper and this pen are a match made in heaven. The paper crinkles, the pen is smooth. Sigh.
The overall result of this amalgamation of features is nice, smooth lines that are clean and tidy. No blobbing to write home about and thus, no smearing.

Complaints? Once again - they should ALL be recycled plastic. It's the perfect type of plastic and look for it too. Zebra does make an eco version of this, but why bother making a non eco version at all?? But, at least it's refillable. Better than nothing!

Staples - $14.79 per dozen (eco version - even better!)

Ah, another pen to add to my list of favorites. This one earns a highly-coveted spot (amongst other pens anyway) in my pencil case. By all means, if you see this pen somewhere, you should pick one up and keep it on you.

Has anyone else used these? Do you love them as much as I do - whether it's the ballpoint or the gel ink version?


mary jane ong said...

is this the gel one or the ballpoint?  i think the recycled one only comes in ballpoint (here in the states anyway)

GourmetPens said...

Oh that explains why I couldn't find an eco ballpoint. Rats. I actually really like the ballpoint but I think I want to get my hands on the gels again..I loved those.. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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