Monday, May 28, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Super Stickers

You may have noticed stickers has been rather popular around here lately. I think it's a phenomenon of, once the flood gates are open...

Last week, a Twitter pal must have realized my healthy interest obsession with stickers, and generously offered to send me some random stickers through the mail! Seriously, pen folks are the best people ever. You guys are the most thoughtful people ever! So here I am now, with this beautiful card fetched from my mailbox:
Mail from Storm
And these AMAZING stickers! SERIOUSLY. These are the kinds of stickers you'd never find in store - they are absolutely one of a kind and I am honored to be in possession of them!
Mail from Storm
A big fuzzy hug and thanks to Storm for these wonderful goodies! And snuggles for Michael :)


Ti2 Pen said...

Cool stickers!

GourmetPens said...

Agreed :) They really are the best!! Especially STICKER internet friends hehehe

GourmetPens said...

Me too!! They're so creative! The nibs should totally be sold by fountain pen vendors

Renee Squared said...

Wow those are FAB! And i love the card too! Internet friends are the best!

Estivalia said...

those are awesome! I specially love the fountain pen nib ones :D

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