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Review and Giveaway: Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case - Book Style - Yellow Green

Hi there! First, the review, and at the bottom: THE GIVEAWAY! So make sure you read all the way through! (Or just skip to the bottom if you don't love me).

Awhile ago, I noticed some of my fountain pens had micro scratches on their bodies and I realized it was because many of them were in an open pocket pencil case and they were hitting each other! An atrocity. Obviously I had to remedy this situation immediately.

Naturally, I went to browse JetPens because they have an awesome selection of pencil cases. I was looking for a pencil case that would hold all my fountain pens (or some of them anyway) in such a way that they would not bounce around against each other - so they would have to be "restrained" in some way. I also wanted a decent capacity. Finally, I came to the (at the time new) Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case - Book Style - in yellow green. It is also available in black, brown, and orange.
Lihit Lab Pencil Case
This is truly a pencil case that somehow resembles a book! When you open it up, it has a flap in the middle that makes me think of pages of a book. So "book style" is pretty appropriate! On the outside, there are two pockets against the front. Because they are open pockets, I would recommend only putting things in here that are not going to slide out (such as an eraser). Along with the pockets, the little rubbery red thingy says "Designed for arrangement". I presume this means the insides were designed as they were so you can arrange things in them! Anyway, it's a cute little nub.
Lihit Lab Pencil Case

Lihit Lab Pencil Case
The whole has a zip closure, which is GREAT. Because I have stuffed this thing to the max so the zipper gives me confidence that nothing will fall out (as in, no precious fountain pens will meet their fate on the ground). Upon opening, the left inside cover is open, with a strip across the bottom and another near the top where you can clip the tops of your pens. If there's no clip on your pen, no biggie, they sit comfortably behind it. Because of the design, even if they slide up or down, they can't fall out.
Lihit Lab Pencil Case Full
My own pencil case (not the one for the giveaway!). Making use of the outside pockets!
Lihit Lab Pencil Case Full
Inside first two flaps: 13 pens!
The inner flap acts as a separator but also has storage space on it! It looks similar to the first section, but has a sealed bottom strip so pens won't slide out the bottom. If they're clipped in, they won't slide out regardless! In my case, I keep a Pilot Plumix in this section and it's never fallen out.

The other side has 3 mesh pockets. The attached tag to the pencil case suggests you can put a USB drive, or pencil lead or an eraser in here. I usually keep ink cartridges in here (for emergency ink situations), and very small correction tapes. And sometimes stickers.

The back pocket is a mesh pocket that covers half the space. I also stick fountain pens here. This case is all about my fountain pens! The mesh pockets on both these pages are slightly stretchy so I don't put the the metal fountain pens back here. This space is reserved for plastic/rubber bodies. Sometimes I even keep a ballpoint in here, just in case! I know, the insanity! (What I'd really like to add to this space is this). The back pocket can also hold small notepads and/or scissors, along with other similar-sized items.
Lihit Lab Pencil Case Full
Back flap: 10 pens, a correction tape, and a ruler in the back. I left the mesh pockets empty for obvious reasons!
As you can see, there's plenty of space in this bad boy for your most treasured pens. The material inside and out is easy to clean - should there be a most-unwanted spill. And no matter how much I stuff this thing, it never looks gross and bulky. In total here, I have 23 pens and there's still room for more things. And I selected some very large pens so they are taking up a lot of space. Your miles may vary of course, depending on which pens you pop in.

If I could change anything, I would have preferred the flap didn't have three mini mesh pockets - perhaps one or two instead. I'd prefer if they were more stretchy like the big one! Or, just two strips like the front half to tuck pens into, as that was my primary purpose for getting this pen case.

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JetPens - $14.00

This is without a doubt one of my favorite pencil cases ever. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a protective case for their fountain pens (and can't afford one of those really awesome kinds) or for any other pens/pencils. This pencil case is tasteful, well designed, easy to clean, and very functional. If you're scoffing at the $14.00... shush. It's well worth it! I even went back and bought a second. Because, sadly, I have that many fountain pens.



Danni Ninja-Plato Lawrence said...

I actually think I have one of these, in that colour, on my JetPens wishlist - it's nice to actually see a review from a blog I trust :D I have to admit, I am a bit jealous of some of your fountain pens, they're so pretty. Do you have a complete list (with pictures? :D) of the ones you have anywhere? If not, do you think that's something you'd contemplate doing? Love your blog, keep up teh great work :3

GourmetPens said...

Ahh thank you :) You are too kind!! I usually put my nice fountain pens in the pictures (and this is pretty much the extent of them lol) but I would be happy to do a complete list with pictures!! I really have no inventory or list of them as it is so it would be useful for me to have - i.e. for reasoning with myself when I'm looking at more fountain pens... I will get to work on that as soon as I'm recovered from this darned flu :D Thanks so much for all your support, I'd have no reason to blog (and perpetuate my pen-sanity) if it wasn't for you guys!

Peter Dunay said...

How do I enter

Azizah Asgarali said...

Hi Peter, sorry but the giveaway is closed already! This was held way back in May :) But make sure you come back, there's another giveaway coming up soon!

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