Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shopgreen: Shoplet's Green Initiative

Hi there folks! You may have noticed I blab a lot about green products/eco-friendly products and about how I'm trying to be eco-conscious. And I'm forever harping on how not enough products are made with recycled plastic. I also try to shop locally because I want to support people and companies who endorse green practices and efforts. You may be thinking, what does this have to do with Shoplet? Well, Shoplet is not a small nor local company, but they have a Green Initiative program in place that I think is important for all companies to have, especially big ones as they have the potential to have have the biggest and most positive impact.

What is Shoplet doing to show you they care not just about their customers, but the environment as well?

As a whole, Shoplet demonstrates their eco-conscious intentions by being a company that is aware of the impact of the products they carry, as well as being aware of their own impact as a business. Shoplet knows customers want to see companies making effort to reduce the impact we have as people and businesses on the environment. We as customers are more likely to support companies that show interest in preserving the environment by putting in as much effort as possible to save resources and by offering eco-friendly products.

Shoplet demonstrates their social responsibility, as well as their moral and ethical values, by providing customers both with the awareness they need to make informed decisions about the products they are purchasing, as well as by making green products and green supplies available for purchase. This includes office supplies such as pens that are made with recycled plastic, recycled paper, and things for the work place that allow you have a green office. In fact, there is a huge range of products available that are more eco-friendly than their "non-green" counterparts, and you just may not have realized it yet!

It is a known fact that the world's resources are declining far too fast, and they're disappearing irreversibly. Obviously, reusing materials will reduce the need for virgin materials.

Did you know Shoplet has A LOT of green products available?
shop green banner
Correct. Over 8,000! That's pretty awesome. 
How to shop green? Easy peasy my friends! First, there is a simple search option. If you go to Shoplet's home page, right at the top of the page is the search bar.
Let us pretend you are Dwight Shrute (let's also pretend this is a world where Dwight doesn't already know the answer to this) and you want to investigate your competitor's paper prices, so you type in "paper". 
paper pre-green

Ta-Da! You have paper search results! Now you are Dwight Shrute realizing Shoplet has better paper prices than you do. But you're an eco-conscious Dwight - see that green button in the left-hand column? The one that says "Green Your Search"? Click it!
paper post-green
Now you/Dwight have paper results that are recycled paper! Furthermore, by selecting recycled paper, Shoplet's Shopgreen also tells you how many trees you helped save! If that doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, then you sir and/or madam... perhaps do not love trees enough! These eco-friendly products are easy to identify because of the green recycled symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the item. 

You can also do something called "Green Your Cart". Basically, you pick all the products you want, add them to your cart, and then click a button to be presented with available green alternatives. 
Green your cart
So let's add some non green supplies to our cart and go look at it. 
Pre Green your cart
You can see there are two products in the cart that have green product alternatives. If you click that "See The Green Alternative" button, you'll get a pop up showing you the difference in the two products. 
Green your cart step 2.
Should you want to select the green product instead, you simply click "Update Cart With Selected Item" and it will be done for you! Here's what your cart will then look like:
Post green your cart
Note the two green products have the recycled symbol next to them.

Remember how Shoplet's Green Initiative program showed us how many trees we saved by switching to recycled paper? This is part of Shoplet's effort to use social commerce to show customers just what an impact they are having, in numbers that mean something. Sure it's great to know you're using recycled paper but it really drives the impact home when there's a quantifiable thing attached to it. Shoplet indicates  the effect of your green purchase by showing how many trees or water or BTUs of heat was saved.
shoplet saved
The goal here is to impart the message that no matter what effort you make, be it little or small, whether it's using a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles, whether it's saving the lid from your Starbucks cup to recycle instead of tossing it in the garbage, or even if it's buying one pen made with recycled items instead of a pen made with new materials... it will all add up. Every little bit makes a difference, and everything you do and/or a business does to help will count. Shoplet is offering customers products that are greenShoplet is also showing how to be green in the office and is leading the way for other corporations to realize how easy it is to help preserve the environment and the precious natural resources we have left.

**Shoplet requested this post to be written, but I fully support what they're doing!


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