Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Zebra G-301 Gel Ink Pen

This is a review of the Zebra G-301 gel ink pen with black ink.
Zebra G-301 Gel Ink Pen
The body of this pen is stainless steel and rather slender, with a black grip on it. I don't really like the grip very much. It's hard and just feels like ridged plastic, so it doesn't make writing that much more comfortable. The body is slender and comfortably weighted, and the ink is so smooth that you don't really need to hold the pen tightly. But the grip is useless. I suppose it provides some texture to hold on to. It has a slim design that fits nicely into the completely not stretchy loops included with many daily planners (i.e Filofax). The clip is just a solid metal piece. It's very snug so it won't slip off papers, but I think it's very hideous. However, it matches the pen well.

The ink is smooth and a rich, deep black. I experienced no skipping with this 0.7 mm nib and in fact, the gel ink is very wet. It is also an acid free ink so it's good for archiving or keeping your drawings forever. Dry time is a good ten seconds, but keep in mind, it's a very wet gel. So at least the ink is nice. And these pens are refillable and because the body is quite durable, it will likely last you a very long time!
Zebra G-301 Gel Ink Pen Writing Sample
Complaints? Some nice soft grip would be awesome. And a nicer clip. It's very... blah looking. The ink, because it is so wet, does not last very long - so bigger ink refills would be a good thing. Furthermore, the ink refill rattles in the barrel when I write, which can be annoying (especially if you're writing an exam in a big, silent hall).

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JetPens - $2.50
Staples - $5.29 per pair
Office Depot - $2.99 plus refill

This is a decent pen. It is not very "pretty", but it is durable and will last. I am not particularly thrilled by the colors either (black, blue, red - so boring!). It's cheap for a stainless steel gel pen, and if you don't mind the color choices, it is a pretty reliable writer, but it's not outstanding in any way.


Shangching said...

Your doodle reminds me of diagram that I saw in bio textbooks long time ago. Kind of pretty, even though they
could be mold spores :p

Anonymous said...

I modded mine with a grip from a pilot G2. It is decently tight as I used a newer pen. Now I can write more comfortably.

Selah said...

Wow! I can't believe you gave it such a bad review! I have been using Zebra pens forever and they are comfortable writing tools for me because they are slender. If I try to write with those fancy fat pens, my hand starts cramping and my writing is too large and sloppy. The only reason I found your review is because I am searching for a replacement!

Selah said...

BTW, the Zebra pen I am holding has been in my possession for over a decade!

Azizah Asgarali said...

(I'm sorry this response is so late. Sometimes Disqus likes to eat comments!! Well, i did say it was durable and would last :) It is of course personal preferences! If it works for you, stick to it :D There are certainly more expensive pens that I don't like that others love too, it just depends what works for you.

Azizah Asgarali said...

That's a great idea. I like the G-2 refills (and more colours too!)

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