Monday, May 7, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Rad and Hungry Tote Bag

Prepare your eyeballs folks - we received our Rad and Hungry tote bag - the RAG baggu in neon liptastic, which is "pure awesome-sauce". 
Rah Baggu Note
What on earth is neon liptastic, you ask? Allow me to demonstrate:
RAH Baggu Open
My apologies for the obvious saturation here. This bag is BRIGHT. You won't lose it, and no one would even consider stealing it from you. 
This little guy unfolds into a grand bag that will hold a whopping 50 pounds! And it opens to be quite large, so you can stuff a lot of things in it.
RAH Baggu Closed
Super easy to fold up and stuff back into the pouch.
It's also easy to clean because you can throw it in the washing machine. For all of you who use single use plastic bags from stores, now you have no excuse to do that - you can tote this tote in style. 
RAH Tote
OMG. I loves it.
Thank you @radandhungry for the Twitter contest! I looooves my RAH tote!

Get one of your own here


Renee said...

I just got my RAH bag in the mail today and I'm super obsessed with it. Didn't know I could wash it, thanks for the tip!

GourmetPens said...

No problem! I love opening my purse and seeing this crazy bright thing in there LOL it's so awesome

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