Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12. 2012 - Sunday Reads

  • Don't judge me. It just tastes good in my head. I have no idea if it would actually be good. Probably too sweet...
  • I've never had funnel cake before. Is it good? It looks yummy.
  • Tomato butter? This looks like something you get at a fancy restaurant with your breadsticks.
  • I have wanted to try ratatouille ever since I saw the movie!! It just looks so good...Perhaps this simple ratatouille will be a good place to start!
  • I'm obsessed with food lately, apparently. Must be this boring low carb diet. Blueberry lemon muffins?!! Thank you, Melody!
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Laura said...

I have had those s'more graham treats and they are as delicious as you imagine! I think Kellogs (or whatever cereal company owns Golden Grahams) is actually selling these as bars, like they do rice crispy treats. I bet the home-made ones are even better though!

Jumps said...

A few years ago I was in physical therapy after a minor back injury, and I was assigned several of those stretches, but I was holding them for five seconds then relaxing. I'm not sure if that counts as a short enough duration.

When I am going to work out, I usually do something to warm my body up (some jumping jacks, running in place for a couple of minutes, etc.), and then I start to stretch. I do very short stretches that I hold and release before I start my actual workout. Then I do a lot of "warm up" stretching activities (kicking and punching in the air, not on a bag). Once I'm warm, I do the longer stretches because they feel very good and help me to focus before I get down to business. After working out I do longer stretches, too.

I haven't ever found that the short duration stretches do much for me if I do them without combining the other stretches. I know that the ones I was doing for physical therapy did help to strengthen my back muscles, so it's probably just a matter of them doing good but not giving me a physical feeling of goodness when I'm done. Oh, and I was taught to do them using a towel, not a special gray band-thing :-)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Well, I'm done for. LOL. There goes any healthy diet I ever planned.

Azizah Asgarali said...

AWESOME. Thank you so much for sharing!! I was a bit skeptical about 2 - 3 second stretches... I just couldn't imagine how that would work. I will try to integrate your method into my exercising. Thank you for all the details :D

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