Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bengal Glitter

Ever heard of Bengals being glittery? Well, they are. It's hard to capture on camera sometimes, because the camera always dulls it. This time, I managed to capture a few pictures of Peaches. Unfortunately, her face was in only like two of them.
Peaches the Bengal
She stole my chair.
Peaches the Bengal
Trying to get to the desk to investigate my pens! I don't think so, Peaches.
Peaches the Bengal

Peaches the Bengal

Peaches the Bengal
Yes, your legs are very pretty.
Peaches the Bengal
No, your butt does not look big. 


kp said...

what a beautiful kitty! And, thanks for the post because, no, I did not know that Bengals are glittery! =)

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