Monday, August 20, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: A Tyco Parcel, Surprise Pens & Nibs

Anika (@aisforanika) surprised me with these IKEA gel pens to match the pink IKEA sketchbook I won from her blog a little while ago! They look like Pilot G2s and are pretty fantastic. No complaints here. Review to come of course!
IKEA Gel Pens
Super cute! I especially love the orange, pink, and green!
Tyco received his first special parcel in the mail from MJ! He had to investigate the packaging because, well, you know... it could be harboring something dangerous that he needed to defend us from.
Tyco's Parcel
HAHAHAHA first parcel for Tyco!
Ta-Da! He loved sniffing these goodies and pushing them around with his nose. But then I had to rescue everything.
Tyco's Parcel
Thank you MJ!!
I selected these dip pen nibs and holders from JetPens with this month's sponsorship - thank you JetPens! Aren't they super cute? I'm still getting the hang of them but I will review them after my trip!
JetPens Dip Stuff
Well, I'm no dip pen/nib connoisseur or anything. But so far, I'm having a blast with these!
I won this A.G Spalding & Bros multipen from JetPens last week during their Tweet Peek! Anyone use a PDA-type device?
JetPens Tweet Peek Win
It's a ballpoint pen and a stylus, but for PDA-type devices. 


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