Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser Caps

In the parcel I received from Pentel, these cute little eraser caps were included! Well this is very handy because I absolutely hate using the little erasers on the ends of my pencils. I worry about their short lives and what my pencil will look like (and what I'll use to erase with) when they're all used up. Saved by the Pentel eraser caps!
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps
I love brand new, clean erasers!
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps
Oooooh! Aaaaah!
  • Non-abrasive erasers
  • Won't tear paper
  • Latex-free
  • Leaves a clean, clear surface
  • Similar erasing quality as Pentel Hi-Polymer block erasers
  • Fits on many mechanical pencils and all standard woodcase pencils
What more could you ask for in an eraser? I don't use the erasers on mechanical pencils because they're always too tiny to begin with. I think the eraser caps are perfect on top wood pencils (or art pencils).
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps
Come on, isn't this fun? They are all hanging out in a bunch of Tombow Ippo Interlocking Wooden Pencil Caps
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps
Can you smell the deliciousness of pencils and erasers? I CAN. FROM HERE.
How do they work? Great, really. There's enough size to give you a good grip on the eraser, if you're using it alone, and it also sits nicely on top of pencils. They won't slide off and be lost. Like any eraser, it works better on smoother papers rather than textured (which can be hard to reach all the pencil when the paper is bumpy), and it erasers more cleanly when lines aren't very heavily drawn. However, even with heavily drawn lines, it will remove the color of the pencil lead, but left behind is often the indent of the lines which no eraser can remove.
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps Test
My rather awesome eraser test. First column indicates the pencil used, second column is a light line, and the third column is a darker line using the same pencil.
Pencils for Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps Test
You want some pencil p0rn of those writing samples, right?
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser Caps Test & Comparison
Interesting results. I'd have to say the eraser cap is pretty fabulous. 

In a simple, totally non-scientific comparison with other erasers, in my humble opinion, I would say the Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser caps performed the best.

They do leave eraser dust behind but this is pretty standard for erasers. They remained surprisingly clean throughout their testing and in their regular use on my pencils. I do like clean, white, pretty erasers. They're very tantalizing! And if you are curious (as I was), they don't smell like much when used. (Do you remember the smell of the pink erasers? Wowza!)

Wal-Mart - (no price online) but I'm guessing ~$3.50

Hard to argue with replacement eraser caps - practical, and cheap. Lets your pencils live a little longer, and your mechanical pencils: forever!

FYI it totally looks like I copied this picture but I seriously did not, cross my heart. We apparently just have great minds!

**I received one of more of these products for reviewing (and enjoyment) purposes. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated monetarily. 


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