Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Davis Leatherworks Business Card Holder & Eyeglasses Case

I recently reviewed tawny veg tan 3.5" x 5.5" leather journal cover by Davis Leatherworks, but in that parcel, I also received two other surprise items: a business card sleeve, and an eyeglasses case.
Eyeglasses Case and Business Card Holder
Can't you just SMELL the leather?
Brown Bison Business Card Sleeve
Business Card Holder
Very nice - front and back.
Business Card Holder
Holding some business cards.
As I mentioned, this was a surprise in my parcel and is it ever cool! It's small and convenient and perfectly designed to hold some business cards. The hand-stitching on it is gorgeous and Chris uses waxed linen thread so it is tough. One corner is notched so you can push the cards out and they slide out with ease. They won't fall out of the sleeve though! It holds at least ten business cards.
Business Card Holder
Business Card Holder Insides
They're not going to fall out. I tried to make them fall out by prancing around with it upside down.
Davis Leatherworks Leather Stitching
Lovely stitching.
This is a gorgeous piece of leather work and the quality is obvious. Again, it is stamped with the Davis Leather logo and it's very tasteful. I actually think this will be perfect for carrying my driver's license, some plastic, and a bit of cash when I go out and don't want to lug around a big wallet in my little evening bag.

Business Card Sleeve - $10.00 + $3.00 shipping ($1.00 if you ship with something else!)

Eyeglasses Case
Glasses Case F.B
Warm, rich leather!
Eyeglasses Case
This pretty eyeglasses case is not currently on the Davis Leather Etsy inventory but it is certainly worth a second look at. Like the business card sleeve, it has hand-stitching and the DL logo. This hand-stitching is seriously quality - there are no frays, no pulls, and nowhere the stitching was poorly done.

I have a big bulky case for my glasses in my purse and it takes up an unnecessary amount of space. This eyeglass case is the soft leather on the inside so it doesn't scratch my lens. This case works best with glasses that have a flat profile because of the size of the case. My extra pair fits snugly in it and does not run the risk of falling out (which would be terrible!). This is a beautiful piece of leather work. Well done, Chris!

If you are at all interested in these beautiful works, see the funding campaign here and consider offering your support!

Contact & Connect With Davis Leatherworks
Browse the awesome website!

Again, just like the leather journal cover, I am very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship by Davis Leatherworks. The hand-stitching is superb, and the functionality of each piece is a huge plus, of course. They are lovely pieces to look at (and sniff). I highly recommend Davis Leatherworks for your leather needs!

Full Disclosure: I was sent this sample to try out and review, but this did not influence my opinion whatsoever. I'd still be full of wonderful things to say!


lucas said...

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Elise said...

I find that so cool! I hope they get to or Etsy. A sure buy for me.

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