Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inkventory Labelling

I really need to do a catalog of my inks or something, because they are just a bunch of bottles in a cupboard. I have a vague idea of the ones I have, but since crossing the line of 40 bottles (which isn't that many, but I forget things easily), I am forgetting more and more. I use an ink rack full of tubes as my working stock, to prevent contamination or spillage of a full bottle. And in some cases, it's easier to work from a tube than the bottle - like with J. Herbin bottles - they are lovely, but they're also a pain.

But as I amassed more tubes in that rack, I had to lift each tube out to find the one I wanted and that would take awhile.

In swoops these tiny adorable little labels which I have now stuck on the tops of each tube to indicate what that tube is holding. Much better for picking through the entire rack now.
Inkventory Labelling
One half.
Inkventory Labelling
The other half.
Unfortunately, I need a second rack. (Note: I got a second rack. And a third.) Such a tragedy, isn't it? How do you guys keep your inks sorted and organized? Do you work straight out of the bottles?


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