Saturday, September 27, 2014

GourmetPens Joins @Huckberry

As if I need more temptation... I have become a Huckberry affiliate! Huckberry is a dangerous - very dangerous - extremely enabling, sorely tempting site that is chock full of goods ranging from clothing, footwear, outdoor gear, accessories and carry, and more. Notice how my list got more and more delectable? Yeah.

It's so sexily displayed that you'll sit at your computer and think... ooookay... I need that. But it's not garbage - it's high quality, seriously awesome stuff. You'll find greats like Karas Kustoms, Tactile Turn, Word. Notebooks, KeySmart, Gerber Gear, County Comm, Leatherman, Satchel & Page, Sante Fe Stoneworks, and so many other amazingly gorgeous things. It's hard to pass up a Karas Kustoms Retrakt in copper, or a Tactile Turn aluminum Shaker...
There are also gorgeous leather goods like the Leatherback Writer 2 to accommodate your pocket sized notebooks, like Field Notes, or Word Notebooks.
Things can sell out though, so don't pass up the cool things. Uhhh...which is pretty much everything, but you get the idea. Don't hesitate for too long. Browse Huckberry for yourself, and follow Huckberry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, and tumblr!


mjcong said...

i totally cant read your pages anymore.. i keep wanting more things.

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