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Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets

Let's have a look at this NoteMaker exclusive Rhodia cover and jotter! Shiny, glossy, pretty, STATIONERY.
Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets

Size: No. 16/A5
Color: Silver + White Notebook
Ruling: Grid
Sheet Count: 96
Price: $39.95AUD
Where to buy: NoteMaker

Rhodia No. 13 Cover & Jotter
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Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets

Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets
The Rhodia No. 16 cover with jotter is a sharp looking, shiny silver PU pad cover. It has magnetic flap closure that, once opened, reveals  the No. 16 Rhodia Ice pad in the center of the cover. The left most flap has a narrow pocket that runs the entire height of the cover. There is a non-elastic pen loop next to the cover itself.
Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets
On the back of the cover has two wide pockets - handy for random things like scribble paper, blotting sheets, or an ink cloth.
Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets
Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets
I'm a huge fan of Rhodia, obviously. Furthermore, I love the Rhodia Ice pads even more than the regular orange and black pads. I think they're really elegant and pretty. The covers are a perfect on-the-go added touch, having pockets, a magnetic flap, and a pen loop. The pen loop is PU as well, so it doesn't have any elasticity. Unfortunately this means only certain sizes of pens fit in it.

I love how portable the cover and jotter is. One issue that plagues me is my desire to keep the Rhodia notepad covers in pristine condition. This solves the problem! Easy to slip into and out of my bag without the corners getting dog-eared and ruined. It also protects the nice white covers from getting marks all over them. Love it.

In addition to making me feel more comfortable about keeping the covers pristine, it also makes it much easier to actually get a floppy notebook into my bag that's already stuffed with a bunch of other things. This saves me a lot of time when I'm packing up my piles of junk after I have set up camp wherever I may be.

I don't know how long the material will last from being opened and closed all the time, but after several weeks of use, it's still holding up just fine and looks and feels brand new. I'm optimistic for now!

The pocket on the inner flap on the inside is quite narrow, so it can't hold a lot aside from a few sheets of paper. Usually this works out fine because it holds the sheets of paper from the letter I'm writing, for example. I don't like to put much else in there. There are also pockets on the back and they are wider so they can hold more. I still don't leave anything very bulky in there, such as a Field Notes notebook. Grocery lists, phone numbers/addresses, to-do lists, etc - those are usually the things that go in there!

  • Protects the pristine Rhodia Ice covers. Or any other A5 notebook cover you want to put in it.
  • Makes it a lot easier to put notebooks into very stuffed bags - and keeps them safe.
  • Handy pen loop.
  • Magnetic closure (silent in meetings).
  • Looks crazy cool with silver pens.
Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets
  • Pen loop isn't elastic.
  • I would prefer wider pockets. 
Review: Rhodia No. 16 Cover & Jotter - Silver @NoteMakerTweets
I really like these covers! I have never seen them before and I think they're quite pretty. I have been using mine daily and it's quite convenient and useful. The only things I think may bother some people are the pen loop that isn't stretchy, and the narrow inner pocket. I use my pockets and the pen loop as well, but some people may be more particular about what they want! Otherwise, I think this is a really pretty and nice cover to have! Especially if you like the Rhodia Ice notepads.

NoteMaker also sent me a Signum Intreccio fountain pen to review - check it out!

This notepad was sent to me for review by NoteMaker. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. All opinions you have read here are my own. There are no affiliate links in this review.


Ashley Shell said...

Great review! I did not even know that they made this product! I too LOVE the Rhodia Ice pads. I have never used the ones with purple lines, and did not even bother trying when I read all these amazing reviews on the Rhodia Ice pad. I am a fan.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thank you! Woo hoo - I'm very happy to spread the word and present new things! I looove my Jotter cover; it's a unicorn match for the Ice pads!

speedmaster said...

Love that Lamy 2000! :)

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