Friday, September 19, 2014

Kickstarter: ATELEIA Brass Pen & Leather Journal @ATELEIACraft

Oooh... I like brass pens and leather things. ... Uhh... stationery leather things. Anyways, here's a new Kickstarter project you should definitely check out: the ATELEIA Brass Pen and Leather Journal project, by Christopher Williams.

Pledges start at $25USD and go up to $340USD. Not too bad at all. The brass pen has a minimalist design and looks most cool. It accommodates Pilot Hi-Tec-C cartridges, Pilot G2, Schmidt rolling ball line, or Fisher Space refills. With some hacking, surely other refills will fit, too. Oh god this is so sexay.

There is also a hand-cut and hand-sewn leather sleeve to go with the pen. 
You can also check out the pocket wallet or the very cool leather journal cover, designed to fit either an A5 journal or 7.5" x 9.75" journals.
Sigh. So delicious. I have a thing for machined pens, and I have a thing for leather. So... this is a yummy project. Check it out!


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