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Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet

Here is a review of a pen I'd never have considered to try out unless I was surprised by it showing up in my mailbox. Thank you Pen Chalet!

Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet

Body Material: Resin & carbon fiber
Trim: Black rhodium-plated metal
Length (capped): 5.62"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 4.7"
Length (posted): 6.16"
Barrel Diameter: 0.40" - 0.58"
Section Diameter: 0.43" - 0.50"
Nib material: (Harmonic) Steel
Weight: 28g
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: MSRP $225.00USD Sale $180.00USD
Where to buy: Pen Chalet

Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
The Delta Horsepower comes with a lot of packaging. An outer paper sleeve with a racing theme, inside a black cardboard box, and then another box! Inside the box is some Delta information papers - writing instructions, about the Horsepower pen, and then the pen itself nestled in a felt bed. I think it's a lot of packaging for the pen and, if you don't know this about me by now, I prefer minimal packaging because I hate having to store and keep unnecessary amounts of packaging. There's nothing wrong with what Delta has provided here, but it doesn't wow me either. What also disappointed me was the pen did not come with a converter!
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
The Horsepower is an unusual looking fountain pen. The ends of the pen are rounded and it's fairly wide in diameter. The cap is wider than the barrel, wider at the top, narrows, then wider again at the center band (hard to describe. Have a look at the picture.). The center band has "Horsepower" embossed on it. The red and gunmetal trim colour scheme does make me think of a race car, especially with the band of carbon fiber in the barrel. The barrel tapers towards the end.
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
There is a ring at the top of the cap to hold the clip on, as well as at the end of the carrel. The clip and center band is a glossy black rhodium-plated metal. The section is red to match the rest of the body. The pen is numbered but it is not a limited edition model.
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
The nib is black rhodium-plated harmonic steel in fine. Harmonic steel? Well, Delta also has the fusion nib, which is supposed to increase the viscosity of your ink and improve your writing experience. ... Errr. Well, I remain skeptical about that, and this "harmonic steel", when it's clearly a steel nib. Anyway. It has the Delta logo with the usual flourishes on it. The nib matches the body well, of course, both in terms of the colour scheme as well as the size. Unflushed, I inked up using the same ink that SBRE Brown used in his review - Akkerman Chinatown Red. It just seemed to make sense!
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
The nib is consistent and reliable, flows a little on the dry side for my tastes, and gives some feedback, which is not surprising because it is a fine nib and also is plated. It is a very hard nib and offers pretty much no line variation whatsoever, even with a lot of pressure (fortunately I did not spring the nib trying). I think that's what I was most disappointed by, not necessarily by the fact that it was fine.


Ignoring the nib, I did find the pen shape, weight, and balance to be quite comfortable. It's not a very heavy pen, being resin, so it was nice to write with in that regard. Since it writes so reliably, there was no need for a death grip or pressing hard on the paper, which made it even more comfortable to write with.
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
Comfort wise, I was pretty pleased. It worked better for me unposted than posted, not because it became too heavy posted, but because it was quite long. However, it does post nicely: deep and snug.
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet
Review: Delta Horsepower - Fine Harmonic Steel @PenChalet

Well, I have mixed feelings about this pen. I'm not a huge fan of hard nibs, so it didn't win me over in the nib department, although it did write well. The pen itself is comfortable and lightweight. It's also not the style and design of pen that would attract my attention. I was disappointed by the excessive amount of packaging, the fact that Delta did not provide a converter, and by the wobbly clip. I'm willing to forgive the hard because others like hard nibs, I just happen to prefer softer nibs, broads, and stubs. I suspect a stub fusion nib would have been a much more enjoyable experience for me.

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I received this pen free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated monetarily for my review. Everything you've read here is my own opinion. There are no affiliate links in this review.


Carlos Cal Brandão said...

Just a suggestion and a request: would it be possible to post the dimensions im centimetres?

Jeanne said...

First, I think the banner on your website here is just beautiful! The pen...well, the shape of the cap was a turn-off for me. Like you I appreciate some spring/flex in the nib.

Liz N. said...

The pen shape is odd and not particularly attractive IMHO. For that price, including a converter is a MUST!

RMinNJ said...

It's a $225 pen and the clip wiggle? I think that summarizes all that is wrong with the pens coming from the major pen manufacturers. There are a lot of small manufacturers putting out quality stuff.. i.e. That KarasKustoms clip is not wiggling anywhere.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I did receive it as a sample so it's possible there are converters (or at least cartridges) with it ... however, I'm not a huge fan of its appearance either.. :|

Azizah Asgarali said...

Agreed. That's insane. A Pilot Petit1 is more tightly built.

Azizah Asgarali said...

Thank you so much!
We're not alone in this - many people seem to be baffled by the shape of the cap hehe!

Peninkcillin said...

Hmm. I like the body style but the fact that it lacks even a basic converters would really put me off.

TimRox said...

I'd so love to say I don't like this pen but being a huge F1 fan, the instant I saw it I thought I gotta have one even if the nib is hard and the clip wiggles. Unfortunately it's a bit out of my price range at the moment, so I guess it's gonna be more waiting and drooling over pictures for me.. :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Okay, turns out it should have had a converter with it. No idea why mine didn't.

Azizah Asgarali said...

There's one going up for sale soon if you'd be interested ;) - send me an email?
Not that I'm being an enabler or anything.

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