Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: @CoolPencilCase Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips - Shappo

Oh yeah, just some more cute stuff. Cool Pencil Case sent one of these adorable Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips of Shappo for me to review. Thanks!
This bookmark clip is about 4.5" long so it is pretty big in hand! At least in my hand anyway. It is a soft vinyl material so it's malleable and easy to clean. The paper clip is coated so it doesn't snag on paper and tear it. It'll be easy to spot in your books or notebooks, which is a nice thing. You can use the clip to hold together papers, bookmark pages of a book, or just attach them on your bag because they're pretty adorable. 

I use mine to bookmark my journal. I hate flipping through my (many) journals to find what page I was on last. Therefore, that is Shappo's job!
There are four Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips to choose from. If you have some semblance of self control, you could just pick one for $3.25USD.


Ken said...

Somewhat creepy and mysterious.
Yours looks to be the best of the set, the other three seem underdone or lacking this one's details.

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