Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib

Another fountain pen with a music nib! The first music nib review was of the Sailor 1911 Standard, then there was the Noodler's Neponset. Here's another!
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib

Body Material: Resin
Trim: Gold
Length (capped): 5.37"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 4.59"
Length (posted): 5.85"
Barrel Diameter: 0.48"
Section Diameter: 0.39" - 0.42"
Nib material: 14K Gold
Weight: 20 g
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: $216.00USD
Where to buy: Amazon
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib

Reviewing this as a used pen - no packaging to show you, sorry!

Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
The Platinum #3776 is a fairly small pen with a simple appearance. This is the black model with gold trim: the clip and center band is gold, and there is a gold ring near the end of the pen as well. The body is round with rounded ends. The cap is wider than the barrel. The clip is simple and looks good against the black body, if you like gold furniture on pens. The section is also black to match the body, with a gold ring at the end of it. The converter inside is solid, which I really like, and it matches the whole design of the pen. It's a plain appearance, and this may not appeal to all.
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib

The nib is quite attractive in yellow gold, matching the rest of the pen, and looks how you would expect a music nib to look. It has two slits, two breather holes, and three tines. There is #3776 and P, as well as 14K music written on the nib, and some lines along the tines.
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
Although it's 14K gold and is a music nib, is very stiff. It has no softness whatsoever to it and does not give with pressure. It is ever so slightly sharp at the edges, but only in comparison to other smooth music nibs (such as the Sailor 1911). Most users probably wouldn't notice this unless feeling for it.
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
The flow is good, and it's well-adjusted. It's not too wet and doesn't gush ink, but it keeps up well with my writing. It's lovely to write with, and it offers enough line variation to make my writing look pretty, expressive, and more unique than with a round nib. I've had no start up issues or skipping issues (although skipping is possible if you hold the nib at the wrong angle to the paper).


This is a relatively small pen, and it is resin, so it is light in hand. It has good balance both unposted and posted. I find it quite comfortable, but it may not be comfortable for those with large hands to use extensively, not necessarily because of the length, but the width of the section may be too small.
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
The clip is not too snug so it can be used practically. I like it. The threads on the section blend into the body and are not too sharp, but the section is short so if you hold your pens higher up or very tightly, this may bother you because you could be gripping right on the threads.

It's a smaller pen than the Lamy Safari, capped, uncapped, and unposted. The section is also much shorter than that of the Safari.
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib
Review: Platinum #3776 Black Fountain Pen - Music Nib

A great foray into the world of expressive writing! This is a lovely pen and a very pleasant nib: it's smooth to use, it has good flow, and it gives a special look to any script. It is a small, light pen though, so keep that in mind. Nevertheless, I certainly recommend it!

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Jen said...

I totally would use your affiliate links if I hadn't had to spend $1200 on two cars in the past two weeks:(

Azizah Asgarali said...

*Kiss* You're a doll. Except it totally sucks about your cars. Cars are complete money sinks, aren't they? NOT LIKE PENS.

speedmaster said...

This pen is part of ther trio of moster dream pens, imho: the Platinum, MB

149, and Pelikan 800/100. Great review.

Ste_S said...

I've been thinking about buying this pen, but I've been put off by the stiff nib. Does it offer anything over much cheaper stainless steel stub/italic nibs such as the Lamy's ?

Azizah Asgarali said...

It has much better flow than the Lamy nibs, in my experience. Whether that's worth the extra $ to you is up to you. Maybe if you can find one used? The Sailor music nib is a little softer and is also gold.

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