Friday, September 26, 2014

Sponsor Highlight: @ShopBigben

More enabling. It happens. Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor, BigBen - an online retail company based out of Southern California! BigBen is dedicated to selling high-quality men's everyday accessories, but after I browsed what was available, I thought to myself "I own half of these", so... I guess that makes me half man? No, just kidding. It's just that we all have really good taste. BigBen is joined with three other sites - Royal Shave, Pomades, and The Stache, and that's probably where the rest of the "men's" aspect comes in. Those are some pretty cool sites as well, and while I don't have a beard or stache, I can still appreciate the neat selection of products. And it also makes me sort of wish I had a beard and stache so I can get fun things... (is that weird?).
At BigBen, you can find some pretty classic writing instruments from Kaweco, Lamy, Waterman, and more - including fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints, but also pencils and ink refills.

There are notebooks from Calepino, Le Kraft, Exacompta, and even the very nice Rhodia and Life Co. Have you tried Life Co. paper? It is gorgeous. There is stationery there that I haven't even heard of or tried yet, believe it or not. 
Aside from stationery, you can find everyday carry goods like scissors and knives. Have a look for yourself! Just in time to gear up for Fountain Pen Day, isn't it? Or, you know... just general enabling. Shipping is free in the US for orders over $35. Every Friday at 12 PST, there is a Deal of the Week - this week is a Concrete Small Format Tape Dispenser.

Okay, I have rambled sufficiently. Check out BigBen for yourself, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and Tumblr.


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