Monday, June 4, 2012

Gifts from China

A few years ago, my dad visited China for work purposes. They also spent some time exploring the place, because it would be crazy to fly from Canada to China and not check it out, right?! Here's a few goodies he picked up for me while he was there!
Gifts from China
Classic packaging?
Gifts from China
An assortment of brushes. Various sizes, as you can see. And I assume different materials!
Gifts from China
Absolutely fascinating ink stones.
Gifts from China
They are ink stones, right? Pigment in the form of little stones? I'm sure I have shamed many people with my lack of knowledge. My apologies. 
Now, I understand what these ARE. I just have no idea how to use them properly, especially without butchering some incredible art form. Anyone have any ideas, tips, suggestions, etc, for me? Perhaps on how to use the ink stones, or how to mix them...Or do you recognize these brushes? The materials? Anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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