Monday, June 18, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Pen Pals, Pencil Caps & Painting

Recently, a pen pal of mine visited NYC and brought back many lovely goodies for me! What a thoughtful gal :)
Pen Pal Goodies
Avery see through stickies, Avery labeling tabs, Staedtler Wopex pencils, Fountain pen cartridges, Pilot Petit1 fountain pen and ink, Zebra Airfit Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm in orange, Ritter Sport chocolate, stationery, and a gorgeous notebook from Kates Paperie! Thank you, pen pal :) 
Mailbox Goodies from MJ
MJ, from Monkies Rambles, sent me this awesome sugarcane-based notebook, which is my absolute favorite sugarcane paper notebook there is!! I have one with hideous squares on it but now I have this badass one with OWLS!!!! Also, I have already hurt myself on the clips but they're wicked clips. I'm going to keep one in my purse at all times. 
I also received a pack of Tombow Ippo Interlocking Wooden Pencil Cap - Pink Group, from a giveaway at The Crazy Suburban Mom.
Crazy Suburban Mom Giveaway
Adorable packaging. 
Crazy Suburban Mom Giveaway
Whaaat! So many unexpected goodies!! LOVE!
Finally, I received three samples of watercolors that, honestly, I have no idea how to use but I thought what better way to try out watercolors than to have samples, right? Thanks to Gentian for sharing this site! I feel guilty in a way because I'm by no means a proper artist so I probably took a sample away from a REAL artist but... I dunno. Guilt. Anyway. Moving on.
l'Aquarelle Sennelier
Pretty. I dream of one day being able to do this!
l'Aquarelle Sennelier
Cool. Sorry, real artists, for pretending I can use watercolor. 
Do I not have the most incredible mailbox buddies ever? I think I do.


Danni Ninja-Plato Lawrence said...

I want one of those owl notebooks! Cute!

Anne Staszalek said...

I have deep, abiding jealousy over your mailbox... and the clips intrigue me :D

main mom said...

I'm so glad you liked everything :)  And the packaging !!


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