Monday, June 25, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Postcards, Pens & Drawings

This set of mailbox goodies is pretty exciting - it's quite a variety of things and it's all super stuff! Plus, this all arrived on the SAME DAY.
Nattosoup Postcard
Check out this awesome artistic postcard by Rebecca of Nattosoup! It's so cool and such a great idea to have your own postcard! If you haven't checked out Nattosoup and you like art, you definitely should check out her blog. Her art is super cute and makes me jealous because I can't draw. Thank you for the postcard Rebecca!
Mia's Postcard
This beautiful postcard is by Mia - once again, making me super jealous because I can't draw (or paint). But this pretty hummingbird at least makes me smile! I didn't even tell Mia this, but hummingbirds are one of my favorite creatures. Check out more of Mia's art on her blog! Thank you for the postcard Mia! 
Zebra Regal
Millicent noticed I was missing some orange pens in one of my Shades of Tuesday posts... I'd have to agree, I needed more orange. She kindly sent me these awesome Zebra Regal pens! I'm tinkering around with them for a review and they're really nice. Thank you Millicent!
Drawing Book
My sweet husband surprised me with this book after Shangching showed it to me a few days before. It was only $10 and it's the only way I can figure out how to draw things - by following guides (and even then, I am still terrible, but maybe with practice, I will improve). Isn't it super cute?
Drawing Book
The best panda ever.


Aisazia said...

Very cute stuff! :D Love the postcards! That is a bright orange! I don't usually like the color but it looks nice on that pen. :D That is an adorable how to draw book. XD That's not true you can't draw. I think you draw really nice bamboo! lol At least from what I've seen. :D

mary jane ong said...

cute cute.. so i heard from Sara that they are discontinuing the regals :) just as an fyi

GourmetPens said...

HAHAHA yeah the bamboo was kinda cool... ok. Ok so I can kinda draw bamboo.. I can live with that. I'll post some pics of my practice from the how to draw book hehehe. It'll be cute, I'm sure.

GourmetPens said...

WHAT! Why do they always discontinue pens that I like?! Then I have to hoard them!!

bmillicent said...

I see a koala :) They are my weakness . . .

And speaking of weaknesses, what about the orange Sheaffer Jelly?

My bad - hehehehe

GourmetPens said...

Good to know (about koalas) :) I'll keep that in mind, just in case ;)

The words "orange Sheaffer jelly" made me drool without even knowing what that was... but now that I do...hehehehehe!!!

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