Friday, June 8, 2012

Feline Friday Review: Petstages Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle & Rest

The other day, Petstages held a Twitter contest, where all you had to do was be the first person to tweet a photo of your cat/dog playing with a Petstages toy. I had to go hunt down the cat's toys (hunt...because they hide them from me and themselves) in order to get a picture! I submitted a picture of Tyco who was preparing to pounce on his Petstages Dental Catnip Chew Mice.
Tyco Playing With Dental Toy
Good job Tyco!
As Petstages explains:
In nature, cats scratch in order to keep their claws strong and in good health. Claws are vital for hunting, climbing as well as marking and defending a cat's territory. Domesticated cats need ways to address these natural behaviours yet keep them from damaging your home! Petstages® Scratching Tos provide interesting designs and materials that attract and keep your cat focused on objects that are appropriate for scratching!
Petstages Scratcher
Some people may hate this bright color scheme, but I love it! 
I have wanted one of these scratchers ever since I saw Floppycats's review of it. Anyway, our scratcher arrived three days later and we promptly opened it up to check it out!
First Encounter Petstages
The first encounter.
Basically, it is a pre-built scratcher. It has a round bowl of thick corrugated carboard sitting on sturdy legs, and it comes with a little pouch of catnip. I sprinkled some catnip on the bowl without realizing some of it would fall through to the bottom. Needless to say, I made a mess. It doesn't matter, in the end, it was all licked off the ground anyway.
Koa Lying on Scratcher
Of course, Koa had to be the first to check it out.
The Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle & Rest can be used as a cat bed, a snuggler, or a scratcher. Hence it's clever name. 
Tyco Petstages
Tyco demonstrates many of its capabilities. (And all of his). 
Peaches Petstages
Peaches seems a little wary at first, but quickly gets down to chewing and snuggling business.
Koa Petstages
Koa, once again, takes it over.
Ellie Testing out Petstages
Koa is a cardboard eater. Actually, Koa eats everything, which is the main reason Kevin didn't think we should get one of these in the first place. So far, he has yet to dismantle it or eat it, thank goodness. I suspect though, over time, he will be the one to destroy this.

Things to think about?
I think it would be great if Petstages offered the Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle & Rest in different sizes - bigger diameters and deeper bowls. In our case, Tyco loves to squish himself into boxes and beds that are far too small for him, but other kitties might prefer a proper fitting snuggle bed. 

Tyco Fills the Bowl
He barely fits, but he loves it this way.
Tyco Hangs Out
HAHAHA oh Tyco. You are so cute. 
A heavier base would be good as well. Only Koa and Peaches flipped it on to its side, but there are lots of cats out there who would probably do the same thing. Tyco and Ellie didn't flip it though (they used it properly!).

It would also be nice if the little corrugated holes were sealed halfway through so the catnip wouldn't just fall through (less mess that way).

Also, I wonder if these are made of recycled cardboard. If not, they should be. 

Other kitties love it too
The Frugal Feline

Petco - ~ $20 (often with internet sales!)
Petstages via Amazon - $15.10

If you don't have picky cats, this bed and scratcher is a great combination piece - it's cute, useful, and fits anywhere! Remember that it is made of cardboard, and over time, it will deteriorate as it gets scratched and used. If your cat likes round things, new things on the floor, or lying in sinks or bowls, they're going to love this! Ours like to lie in it and scratch, scratch, scratch!

Thanks again to Petstages for the giveaway!

**I was provided one or more of these products as a prize, but all opinions are my own!


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