Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17. 2012 - Sunday Reads

Personal & Journaling
  • WOW. This is going to be epic! A package-free and zero-waste grocery store is coming to Austin: in.gredients! I can't wait!
  • We are always on the search for ways to conserve energy here - whether it's turning off the a/c when we're gone, turning off lights, or turning off water while shampooing and conditioning. This handy device offers a great way to save grey water from the sink - something very important to do if you can, especially in a place like Texas. 
Other Awesomeness/Photography/Animals


Lee Smallwood said...

I really need to consider doing a regular link share as a part of my own blogging. It's such a generous use of the blog, encourages me to look for good content, and helps connect reader to new interesting sites. I'm really grateful in particular for your link to On Fountain Pens, a blog that looks like a promising read I had not run across before. 

GourmetPens said...

Oh I'm so glad you've found something new here :) That's completely my intention, to share blogs and other reads I think may interest others. And sometimes really great blogs just need a bit of word of mouth! I love to see link shares on other blogs as well - I always discover something I've never seen before. I'm a follower of your blog so I'll keep my eyes peeled in case you start some link shares :D

And thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know. I'm glad to know someone is enjoying the links!

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