Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10. 2012 - Sunday Reads

  • I have been looking for dip pens and nibs recently. I'm interested in this Tachikawa nib holder, after seeing the same one with blue grip over at the Well-Appointed Desk.
  • I'm trying to get my hands on several colors of the Pilot Pluminix, seen here. Help? (Actually, a few of us gals are trying to get a few of these...perhaps we can pay someone to do us a personal favor? :D)
  • Check out these incredible underwater ink photos.
  • Journaling prompts at August Empress, shared by DIYSara. Thanks for turning me to this blog Sara!
  • I'm very intrigued by The Ink Journal! I have many inks that could use cataloging!
  • WANT. A modified Falcon!
  • Am I a sucker because I want this too? Probably.
  • I love hummingbirds. I am amazed by these beautiful and dainty creatures. Enjoy!


Kim said...

OH! That Pluminix collection has me salivating more than a bit. Will you post when you find out anything? My credit card is ready.

GourmetPens said...

Will do! All I have learned so far is that they're available in France :( Perhaps a trip to France is in order buahahaha! I'm still hunting around :)

Shangching CH said...

I thought they are also available on EBay in UK?

Shangching CH said...

The J. Herbin heart-shaped bottle got me too, but as soon as I saw the ink I immediately thought, "that must be one broken heart!" The color looks so sad :(

GourmetPens said...

Only a few colors :( And not the ones I want.... sigh.

Millie said...

Aww, thanks for including me!

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