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Review: Daycraft Signature Black Sketch A6 Notebook

This is the last notebook sent by Mr. Lee from Daycraft to be reviewed! I opted to do the Executive Pocket Diary first as that was the most time sensitive. Then, I chose the Juicy A6 notebook because it was too cute to sit around any longer without being shared.
A good lookin' bunch.
Finally, we have the Signature Black Sketch A6 notebook, which is a pretty classic choice!
Simple Elegant
A timeless notebook.
Signature Black Sketch A6
128 pages
118 g paper
Cream color
Blank ruling
Fine Italian PU
Duo tone soft cover (soft black outside, soft brown inside)

The signature black sketch notebook is a very classic notebook, right down to its size. It is 108 mm x 149 mm, and thus is just like the Juicy notebook in its portability.
Signature vs. Quo Vadis Habana
On the left: the Daycraft Signature Black Sketch A6 notebook compared to the small Quo Vadis Habana in anise green. 
Again, like the Juicy notebook, this notebook is flexible. I think the Juicy notebook is a little tougher based on the shape. The cover of the Signature A6 lines up with the pages, so there is not as much protection for the edges.
While the cover is fine Italian polyurethane, it is somewhat matte and can scuff and pick up marks more easily than the Juicy notebook. I tested this by running my fingernail along it and while it did pick up the scrape, it was nowhere near as easy to mark as the Rhodia Webbie covers. Don't be too alarmed by this. All this means to me is I won't shove it unceremoniously into my purse! The inside cover is soft brown and looks delicious like caramel and it matches the edges of the paper.
You can already see some very minor scuffing on the back cover (far right).
This paper is light cream and blank. It is smooth, but does not have a glossy coating on it. I tested out the same fountain pens, gel ink pens, ballpoints, pencil, and the Sharpie. I was pleased to see little bleedthrough. The Pelikan M1005 fountain pen bled through but it wrote very wet and was freshly inked prior to this (ink on nib still). There is a little bit of show through with the Namiki Vanishing Point, again, it wrote very wet. The Sharpie bled through again as well but this is normal. Despite the bleed through, there was no feathering whatsoever, which makes this notebook pretty fountain pen friendly to my standards. I think under most circumstances, your fountain pen will not bleed through. The demonstrator is a huge nib and the medium point of the Vanishing Point was combined with a Noodler's Eel ink.
Signature Inside
Natural light on the left, night on the right. The pages are not as yellow as they appear on the right.
A little bit of bleed through.
When I think of a notebook, this is the prototypical kind of notebook that comes to mind - black cover with brown insides, light cream, blank pages that have just enough feedback to be satisfying, and a tasteful and elegant logo stamped on the back cover.
More elegance
Signature Close Ups
A good lookin' notebook. 
A wonderful review to check out:
Rants of the Archer

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I have now reviewed three Daycraft products - the Executive Pocket Diary, the A6 Juicy notebook, and now this Black Signature A6 Sketch notebook. All three exhibit the same great quality - great covers, very polished look inside. The notebooks are fountain pen friendly and while this is not a make or break factor for me, it certainly serves in my favor. This particular black notebook is an ideal gift for someone else, or for yourself. It's classy, elegant, and simple in the best way possible. Don't hesitate to try a Daycraft notebook for yourself!

**I was provided one or more of these products for review, but all opinions are my own!


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