Monday, June 11, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Mini Rainbow

Well, ever since I got my first Lamy Safari from JetPens, I have gone a little bonkers and suddenly realized there was a pink within grasp, and an aquamarine that would soon be out of my grasp (like the orange, which is now about $70 to acquire). I picked up the pink and aquamarine at the Pen Boutique. I couldn't resist putting them together and taking a few pictures
Lamy Safaris
They are prettier than I expected!
Lamy Safaris
I got the extra-fine on the green Safari, a medium on the aquamarine, and a 1.5 mm calligraphy nib on the pink.
Lamy Safaris and Uni-ball Jetstreams
The colors matched perfectly, so I had to put them together, obviously. Don't they look wonderful? It reminds me of Skittles!
Anyone have an orange Safari they no longer fancy and want to sell it?? For less than $70, hopefully...?


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