Saturday, September 1, 2012

Currently Inked

I've received a few requests for me to post about which pens I have inked and what they're inked with. This set of inked pens is from my most recent set of inkings, before I left for Canada. Just imagine... these were all full of ink and I had to use them all up in order to clean them out before traveling. It was a lot of writing, and a lot of ink to go through.

These are my current inks - some are samples, some are vials I work from my own bottles. ... I am ashamed to admit I have a few more vials that need to be in here but those arrived after this picture was taken. It's close enough anyway. 
Ink Vials
So many tubes!
Here's the first set of inked pens! Top to bottom: Pilot Plumix + medium flat italic nib, TWSBI Diamond 540 + EF nib, TWSBI Diamond 540 + 1.1 mm nib, Jinhao X750, Reform 1745, Lamy Al-Star + F nib, Wahl Eversharp Doric 2nd Generation + Adjustable #7 nib, Pelikan M1005 Demonstrator + F nib, Lamy Safari + EF nib, Lamy Safari + 1.5 mm nib, Lamy Safari + 1.9 mm nib, Lamy Safari + M nib.
Inked #1.
Inked List
Don't laugh at my writing please.
Top to bottom: Graf Von Faber-Castell + M nib, Sheaffer NOS Prelude + B nib, Pilot Parallel + 3.8 mm nib, Pilot Parallel + 1.5 mm nib, Pilot Parallel + 2.4 mm nib, Kaweco Liliput + M nib, Pilot Vanishing Point + M nib, Platinum Preppy eyedropper + F nib.
Inked List
Umm...yeah...the Pilot Parallel writing is hilarious here.
Yep. I used up ALL of these before leaving for my trip, and I flushed them all out properly! Not bad, right?


O-kami said...

Hey there! where did you get those great trays to hold the sample vials?

Estivalia said...

Your samples look so neat in those trays! Mine will get jealous (they're thrown in ziploc baggies in a drawer lol). And I cannot believe you went all through that ink, wow! Care to share any tips? :p

Mike said...

We have several of the same pens. My wife has the tourquoise Safari and the JinHao 750 with that same finish. They were her first and second fountain pens. I should do a group picture of my pens for my blog.

Mike said... and both sell those racks, I think.

Azizah Asgarali said...

LOL! My husband won that Jinhao from your wife actually... heehee! Which I have merely "borrowed" for the purposes of getting to know it a little!

I'd love to see a group shot of your pens :D

Azizah Asgarali said...

LOL! A touch of OCD is all. Keeps it in check. Lots of journaling and trying to find my inner self. Didn't find anything. LOL

Azizah Asgarali said...

Sorry for my late reply! Mike's got it - Goulet and isellpens. They were on sale at isellpens last I checked... (for $9.88 I believe, or $15 at Goulet)

Danni Ninja-Plato Lawrence said...

That Jinhao X750 is pretty... Like a poor girl's VP! I must resist the urge to go look for the Jinhao on ebay...

Alan Portman said...

I was just thinking I should get more pistons and stop using cartilages since I tend to change pens before the ink runs out. Maybe now I will. The Jinhao is very pretty! Might have to look into one of those.

Azizah Asgarali said...

It's so cheap, it would be insane not to buy one. Seriously. I believe they're like $8 - $15.

Azizah Asgarali said...

I far prefer built in ink thingies. I used to not mine cartridges (I prefer converters at the very least) but piston/levers are so much cooler.

The Jinhao is a great pen. It dries quickly but only if you leave it sitting for several days. And a dip in water will get it going with zero problems! It's super, especially for the price.

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