Saturday, September 1, 2012

Currently Inked

I've received a few requests for me to post about which pens I have inked and what they're inked with. This set of inked pens is from my most recent set of inkings, before I left for Canada. Just imagine... these were all full of ink and I had to use them all up in order to clean them out before traveling. It was a lot of writing, and a lot of ink to go through.

These are my current inks - some are samples, some are vials I work from my own bottles. ... I am ashamed to admit I have a few more vials that need to be in here but those arrived after this picture was taken. It's close enough anyway. 
Ink Vials
So many tubes!
Here's the first set of inked pens! Top to bottom: Pilot Plumix + medium flat italic nib, TWSBI Diamond 540 + EF nib, TWSBI Diamond 540 + 1.1 mm nib, Jinhao X750, Reform 1745, Lamy Al-Star + F nib, Wahl Eversharp Doric 2nd Generation + Adjustable #7 nib, Pelikan M1005 Demonstrator + F nib, Lamy Safari + EF nib, Lamy Safari + 1.5 mm nib, Lamy Safari + 1.9 mm nib, Lamy Safari + M nib.
Inked #1.
Inked List
Don't laugh at my writing please.
Top to bottom: Graf Von Faber-Castell + M nib, Sheaffer NOS Prelude + B nib, Pilot Parallel + 3.8 mm nib, Pilot Parallel + 1.5 mm nib, Pilot Parallel + 2.4 mm nib, Kaweco Liliput + M nib, Pilot Vanishing Point + M nib, Platinum Preppy eyedropper + F nib.
Inked List
Umm...yeah...the Pilot Parallel writing is hilarious here.
Yep. I used up ALL of these before leaving for my trip, and I flushed them all out properly! Not bad, right?


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