Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review: Dog Bone Gel Pen - Black

Another one of the adorable goodies Cool Pencil Case sent for review was this Dog Bone gel pen in black - which is technically "for kids", but come on, half my pen collection probably falls into that category, so there's no reason I can't have this. Right? Right.
Dog Bone Gel Pen
I wanted it as soon as I saw it!
The dog bone gel pen is a cute, elongated "dog bone" shape. Pop off one end and ta da! There is a pen inside! There are three colors available - black, red, and white, though my favorite is the black. Although I suppose the white would be the most bone-looking. There is a little rhinestone on the lid that is a cute little added touch. I like shiny things. The body has a little dog face, hearts, and some writing I cannot identify, all in a silvery color.
Dog Bone Gel Pen Uncapped
The jewel is a cute touch <3
Dog Bone Gel Pen Barrel
I'm not 100% sure what size the tip is, but you know, sometimes a pen will be 0.5mm and write like a 0.7mm, and vice versa. So let's say it's somewhere in there. It's a very wet writer though so perhaps closer to 0.7mm. It's smooth and easy to use, never skips, and writes consistently. It also doesn't blob - which is very important with wet writers. Because that can lead to small disasters on your hands, clothes, and papers. It's great, solid, intense black ink.

At first when I started writing with my dog bone gel pen, I was thinking, darn it's too thin to be comfortable to hold, it's going to cause hand cramps. And I was thinking how I'd have to put that sad fact in my review... but then I had written two pages and my hand wasn't really hurting, because the pen is so light that I didn't need to grip it very tightly to keep control of it.

It's not the pen I'd pick for long writing sessions because of it's somewhat flat shape, but it still goes into my go-to pencil case for every other use. Plus, it's fantastic for doodling and pretty writings because of how inky it is.
Dog Bone Gel Pen Writing Sample
Errr...okay, so this writing isn't really that pretty. But you get the idea. In theory, it could look pretty.
While I have not found refills for the dog bone gel pen, the tip can be unscrewed. I have put in a few different refills I have here, such as the Pilot Acroball, and found that it's just a little short. So if you really want to keep your dog bone pen (which you will), I'm certain there are refills that could be made to fit in here with just a little bit of hacking.
Dog Bone Gel Pen Disassembled
It's a fairly thin refill.
And just so you know, the cap obviously cannot be posted, so you have to hold it and not lose it!

CoolPencilCase - $2.85

I'm a cat person (don't get me wrong, I adore dogs, I just have four cats is all), but even so, I fell in love with this cute little pen. It will surprise you in how yummily - is that a word? - it writes - juicy, wet, dark ink. Great ink coverage, no skips. What a cutie. Get yourself one, and maybe even one for a friend!!

**I was provided one or more of these products, but all opinions are my own!


Estivalia said...

What a cute pen! I'd only be a little concerned my silly pup would actually confuse it with a bone and that'd be the end of it -the pen!- :p

Azizah Asgarali said...

That would be a tragic end for this cute pen, although it is very tiny pup-sized!

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