Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ink Samples

I have lovely friends who are extremely sweet and generous, and have shared many ink samples with me! I have a hard time finishing them because then I'll be out of the colors I love. But then, I get to buy bottles. MUAHAHA!
Ink Sample Pile
Ink Samples
 The glass dip pen is made by J. Herbin - see some here!

And here is a quick dip of the new inks I picked up at the Dallas Pen Show!
New Inks


kp said...

Glad you scored some good inks at the Dallas Pen Show! I'm addicted to samples too and they seem to multiply somehow! lol. Thanks for the post; it's great to see the differences in the two "green apple" colored inks.

On Fountain Pens said...

that's awesome! me wants the whole lot of 'em!

Azizah Asgarali said...

I've been in love with green apple colors lately. No idea why, so I was so excited to find these two!! Couldn't pass 'em up hehe

genebernice said...

Ink samples need to be tested, before they are releasing into market, because it protects the people from symptoms, which results in healthy life.


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