Monday, September 17, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: A Little Bit of Everything

I ordered one of these the second Goulet Pens put them on the site. Good thing too. Seems they sold out pretty fast!
J. Herbin Bleu Ocean Ink
A lovely tweep sent me this awesome package of goodies!! Look at that. I finally have FriXion highlighters!! Thank you so much Tallia! Stop by and check out Tallia's blog for a variety of reading! Most of these goodies can be acquired from JetPens, of course. *drool*
Tallia Sent Goodies!
Do you Get Glue? I do.... for the stickers. Don't judge me.
Get Glue Stickers
Get Glue Stickers
I won this set of Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX pens from Uni-Ball's Facebook page! As usual, I heart Uni-Ball pens.
Uni-Ball Vision Elite BLX
I won this package from Pentel on their Facebook page - it's the Weekly Giveaway that I took a chance on and actually won! Weee! Thanks Pentel!
Pentel Weekly Giveaway Win
This delicious looking thing is actually soap! That smells like amaretto and it's so yummy! This was a gift from my best friend in Winnipeg.
Amaretto Cupcake Soap
There are two notebooks here: the obvious one is a LEGO Moleskine notebook. The other is from my cousin in Trinidad - this notebook is made from recycled paper, as is the pen!
Eco Notebook & Lego Moleskine


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