Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Mamegoma Adventure Eraser + Mini Eraser

Sometimes there are things in life that are so cute, they make you want to claw your eyeballs out. Cue CoolPencilCase and their amazing selection of things that make me want to do just that, but in the best way possible. This Mamegoma adventure eraser (including absurdly cute mini eraser) was sent by CoolPencilCase for review - thanks folks!
Mamegoma Eraser
So cute, it hurts a bit.
Mamegoma Eraser Back
I'm guessing Pu and guru are... onomatopoeias for being under water...? 
Basically, I opened up the box and there was this eraser. It was in a plastic sheath of sorts, with adorable little beach vacation themed things on it - like water, polka dots (what? Polka dots aren't be beachy?), and some seaweed-type thing.

Of course, Mamegoma appears to be in a fish bowl, but his brain is little and he is hardly sentient I'm sure - not unlike Tyco... - so he's happy. Then you shake it around and realize Mamegoma MOVES in his bowl. And it's ridiculously cute to shake him around and watch him "swim". So that is what I did.
Mamegoma Eraser Movin' Along
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
When removed from the plastic sheath, you will find two erasers - one that is basically a square with a dip where Mamegoma was hanging out, and Mamegoma himself. Personally, I could never subject this little happy thing to erasing, but I am okay with using the bigger one.

How does he erase? Just fine. He's good and pliable enough to really rub out a bunch of errors. He does produce dust, like most erasers. Under normal circumstances, for example, taking notes in school, Mamegoma will erase your errors perfectly. If you are dealing with some major art supplies and graphite, don't use this poor little eraser because he will be soiled forever.
Mamegoma Eraser
See my half erased square?
Mamegoma Eraser
As it turns out anyway, the dip is perfect as a pencil holder when you're not writing - preventing your pencil from rolling away. My only recommendation: guard this with your life. Someone WILL see it and they WILL want to steal it because it's so cute.
Mamegoma Eraser + Uni-ball Kuru Toga
Pencil holder! And pencil pal. I love him madly.
CoolPencilCase - $4.45

Well, no one ever needs many erasers, and unless you're an artist where you need fancy ones, you absolutely must get a ridiculously cute Mamegoma adventure eraser because you MUST OWN a mini Mamegoma. It'll be like owning a mini Tyco. You can even get ones of Mamegoma wearing a costume. I can't even describe the feelings I experience when I see these cute things. Get one. Or just go browse CoolPencilCase and get yourself something. It'll warm your heart and make you feel fuzzy.

**This ridiculously cute eraser set was generously sent to me for reviewing and enjoying purposes, but all opinions remain my own!


mjcong said...

oh i would totally steal it :)

Zeynep F. said...

I liked the word "gubu" on the package!

gubu gubu gubu gubu :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

LOL it is a great word! Though I have no idea what it means..

Bonnie Jean Woolger said...

i like the pencil :)

Heather said...

When erasers get this cute, it doesn't really matter if they even erase well or not, because who would have the heart to actually use them? Though this one is rather clever as it combines a ridiculously cute eraser with a plain block that you could actually use.

kp said...

adorable! I {heart} cute stuff like this.

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