Friday, September 21, 2012

Multi Pens on Sale!

Calling all multi pen lovers! JetPens has some Pentel Slicci and Pentel Vicuna multi pens on close out sales!

The Pentel Sliccies 2 color gel ink multi pen body component in clear, orange, pink, and sky blue, for $2.55.
The Pentel Sliccies 3 color gel ink multi pen body component in orange, sky blue, and pink, for $2.81. The clear body is sold out already!
The Pentel Sliccies 2 color gel ink + 0.5mm pencil body component in black, orange, sky blue, and pink,  for $5.31.
 JetPens carries a huge range of tip sizes and colors for the Pentel Sliccies! The refills aren't expensive either - they're only $1.65 so you can pretty much get one (or two) of each! Muahahaha!

The Pentel Vicuna super smooth 2 color 0.7mm ballpoint multi pen + 0.5mm pencil body in black, clear, orange, purple, pink, sky blue, and yellow green body, for $7.01.
There are three colors of ink refills available for the Pentel Vicuna - black, blue, and red. Good for work and note taking! At $1.50 each, you can stock up for the school year!


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