Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Giveaway! Pentel Goodies & Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Doodles

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A few months ago, I reviewed a set of Pentel Hybrid Technica gel pens - ranging from 0.3mm to 0.6mm in size. (There was also a giveaway for a set, did you miss that? Tsk tsk.)
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Doodles
Pentel recently sent me another set, which is superb, because I use these things up like crazy. Why, you ask?
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Doodles
As I explained in my conclusion last time:
While these are nice gel pens, the extra-fine and fine are too scratchy for everyday writing, for my tastes. They are great for sketching (even for those who cannot sketch, like me). On the other hand, the medium and bold are quite nice for writing. These gel pens do have the advantage of being archival safe and water-resistant, features that some other of my favorite gel pens lack. I do love that JetPens carries a nice array of colors of these, so that's does sway my opinion positively! These are decent pens, and they are cheaper than the Pilot Hi-Tec-C, and are the same price as the Uni-ball Signos. In addition, the Pentel Hybrid Technica pens are very sturdy compared to the micro tips of the Pilot Hi-Tec-C. I would suggest trying these out because of the price, colors, and ink properties.
For my style of writing, this still holds true. I have completely fallen in love with the 0.4mm, which seems like a nice middle ground for me - I can write with it and "sketch" (in other words, doodle) with it comfortably.
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Doodles
They work extremely well on sketch paper - even better than the Pilot Hi-Tec-C or the Uni-ball Signos that I have because they do not scratch the paper and collect fibers, thus clogging the tip.
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Doodles
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Doodles
Plus, multiple colors are available, which makes them even more desirable!

JetPens - $2.50 

I still recommend these pens, especially if you like to doodle!!

Thank you to Pentel for sending these to me, and to JetPens for the generous sponsorship that allows me to buy more of these!

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Perhaps you'd like to win this pile of Pentel pens (and a mechanical pencil)! Of course you would. You can enter through the Rafflecopter gadget below. If you have any trouble, feel free to leave a comment or email me directly! This giveaway includes:
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Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.3mm Gel Ink Pen
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.4mm Gel Ink Pen
Pentel Hybrid Technica 0.6mm Gel Ink Pen


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