Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cool Pencil Case Loves

Since I have no life, I like to browse online and find things I don't need know...still need. Like the following adorable articles from CoolPencilCase.

I like multi pens. I'm not sure why, since I am obsessive about having equal levels of ink for all colors, and not running out of one ink before another (very hard to do, might I add)...Nevertheless. CoolPencilCase has adorable multi pens that I must share with you.

Toma and Kuma 8-color retractable ballpoint lanyard pen - $4.25

This kind of counts as a multi pen, doesn't it? The colored crystal pocket crayon - $4.45
All these goodies need to be stored somewhere. This pencil case would do the job - the animal pals pencil case - $14.85
The Eiffel Tower butterfly pouch would be pretty awesome too - $22.45
Or to change it up - the Blossom Asian Roll pencil case - $18.85.
Last but not least, I have an obsession with stickers. I don't know where it came from or why I am so sticker-crazed, but I am. I'm a sucker for all sorts of stickers. But especially these:
Adorable Animal Stickers - Elephant - $2.25
I also love donuts, so naturally, I can't get these stickers out of my head. I would even sell my soul for them. Darling Bear Adventures Marshmallow Stickers - Delectable Bites set - $6.25
Le sigh. How do I pick?


Patrice Christian said...

This is exactly why you will find me lurking, along with all the other grownups, in the little stores that sell the cute Asian products. I'm a fan of several Korean brands as well as the ubiquitous Sanrio that everyone knows about already. I'm a sucker for these categories, especially stickers. I have more than I could ever use!

Azizah Asgarali said...

OH YEAH! I agree, especially on the stickers!! I am a huuuge sucker. I just can't say no, even though I have so many already hahaha

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