Monday, November 5, 2012

Mailbox Goodies: Jackpot!

If you've been wondering where I was last week (which you probably weren't because I had posts scheduled and such), Kevin and I went to San Francisco. He was actually attending a training course for work, so I just tagged along. Why not, right? Although I hate leaving my kitties at home. I usually give them a big squeeze before I leave. But I miss them like crazy when I'm gone.
I visited Maido and spent a little while there scouring every inch of the place. Would you believe I only left with these few items? Okay, and then we went to the second Maido located in Kinokuniya. ... I didn't do too badly there either!
Maido Goodies
The stickers were $0.92. I couldn't say no.
Maido Goodies
Cute stamps!
Maido Goodies
I. Am. A HUGE. Sucker. Please don't judge me.
But while we were away, I received some other parcels too! Some ink...
Ink Samples
I've been dying to try these for ages.
My Field Notes arrived! A Field Notes subscription is genius. Do it. 
Field Notes Traveling Salesman
YES. I love the green paper.
A delightful mixture of goods from CoolPencilCase!
CoolPencilCase - Notebook, Stickers, Tabs, Tape


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