Monday, April 8, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Ink and Chocolate

What's that? Ink and chocolate? That sounds pretty good to me. And some letters that I thought were pretty cool! Let's start with the chocolate, and some ink, from California!
Ink and Goodies
Someone knows me well :)
How cool are these?!
Aren't these letters very cool? The red one on top is actually a Moleskine story book and opens up to tell a very creative and cool story, written by Leigh. 
Incoming Mail!
The inks came all the way from The Netherlands - surely you recognize these bottles! They are Akkerman inks - seven in total here (out of the 31 available... I believe it's 31 anyway!). It was hard to pick only seven...
Akkerman Inks
Oops, forgot the tape on one of them.
Akkerman Inks


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