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Review: Pilot 78G Green Fountain Pen - Broad Nib

The Pilot 78G is an inexpensive, lightweight fountain pen with a few nib options that is great for beginners but also enjoyable for experienced fountain pen users as well. Thank you to JStationery for sending this pen over for review!
Pilot 78G Writing Sample

Brand: Pilot
Model: 78G
Body Material: Plastic
Trim: Metal
Length (capped):  5.32"
Length (uncapped nib-end): 4.74"
Length (posted): 5.87"
Barrel Diameter: 0.45"
Section Diameter: 0.34"
Nib type: Japanese
Nib material: 22K gold plated steel
Weight: 13 g/0.5 oz
Barrel design: Round, torpedo
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: $10.50
Where to buy: Jstationery


There is no packaging for the Pilot 78G. At this low price, I'm not surprised. I don't mind - I only have so much space for pen packaging.

Pilot 78G
The Pilot 78G is a simple fountain pen. This one is the green bodied version, complemented quite nicely by the gold metal trim and the gold on the nib. The gold cap bands around the base of the cap are painted on with only a small flaw in the work. The clip is actually metal though and is engraved with "Pilot". The ends of the pen are rounded. The cap is wider than the body of the pen and screws on to the body. From afar, this pen makes me think of a Namiki Falcon.
TWSBI Diamond 580 & Pilot 78G & Namiki Falcon
Pilot 78G Nib
The nib is gold in colour because it is a 22K gold plated steel nib (yeah, for ~ $10!). It is engraved with Pilot Super Quality Japan, as well as the nib size. The nib on this particular Pilot 78G is a B for broad, although it is actually an italic nib! I was very surprised and pleased to see this.

I inked this pen with Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue, having just received a new bottle of it. The nib puts down a really nice, consistent, smooth line of ink. There is a small amount of feedback but to a level that I enjoy. I really like to hear the sound of the paper and sometimes I like to feel the paper, particularly with italic/stub nibs, usually because I use them for calligraphy-type writing and I tend to go slower when using them. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's just my personal preference.
Pilot 78G Writing Sample
I believe the width of the line is about 0.85mm (but I could be wrong). I did measure it using calipers know... don't quote me on that. The ink flow does not skip, even with fast writing. It is a very pleasant pen to use. The nib performs very well. I am quite pleased, especially considering the price of the pen.

Pilot 78G Posted
To hold this pen capped, you'll be surprised at how light it is. Posted, its balance barely shifts but I find it quite comfortable to use. I do not like top heavy pens at all because they are difficult to use for extended writing sessions. I enjoy using light pens, especially those with consistent ink flow. The Pilot 78G is nice in hand. Plastic doesn't really have the yummy warmth that acrylic pens have, but it isn't uncomfortable in any way.
Pilot 78G Insides
  • Comes with an aerometric converter
  • Converter can be removed if you prefer Pilot ink cartridges.
  • Lightweight plastic pen.
  • A few body colours are available. 
  • Functional, sturdy clip.
  • Nib and feed section can be removed from the pen.
  • Plastic barrel looks like it can be converted to an eyedropper, if you are so inclined.
  • Barrel is easy to scratch.  
  • Not available in a rounded broad nib. 
  • Small ink capacity.

For the price of the Pilot 78G, you can't really go wrong. It is a nice, light, attractive pen that is available in several body colours and with interesting nibs. The broad italic writes really nicely and reminds me of the Pilot Plumix, although I feel it writes even nicer and is a nicer pen overall. I highly recommend this pen to new users and even to experienced users who are looking for a fun nib or a knockabout fountain pen, or just something new and different to add to your collection.

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Pilot 78G Writing Sample
JStationery sent this Pilot78G for review but I was not compensated monetarily for this post. All opinions you see here are 100% my own!


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