Friday, April 26, 2013

Whiskers & Paws: April 2013 Edition

Peaches and Koa
Bird watching.
Peaches and Koa
Sweet siblings enjoying themselves in the sun.
Koa and Ellie
These two... have the weirdest naps together.
I woke him up from his face plant.
Don't worry. Face plant resumed.
Sometimes we get creeped on.
Like a lady!
Hard at work, Sir Tyco.
Tyco in a box
Anybody want a ragdoll? I'm pretty sure he meets the weight requirements.


Jackie Parkins said...

A Ragdoll? Send him on, definitely! Those kitties are so adorable and I love the weird napping arrangement.

Marta said...

Your kitties are beautiful. The little lady kitty looks like she has a cheetah printed coat, so pretty.They all really display such personality. They make me smile. Love little blacky looking over the balcony. Tyco looks so loveable. I love the way cats commandeer our projects, our homes and lives. I guess fur rules! Haha

Lily W said...

CUTE! I love your cats. I have one of my own - a Siberian. It´s funny how their personalities shine through:)

Azizah Asgarali said...

Awesome! Siberians are so cute!!

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