Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Invite.L Slim Bag-in-Bag - Wine Red

Um, just like everything else I have ever owned, the Invite.L Slim Bag-in-Bag has been on my wish list forever. When I was little, everyone used to call me the Bag Lady because I used to carry bags of my stuff around with me everywhere... and I haven't changed. At least now I can do it more organized. Sometimes I rotate what I carry around with me, depending on the day and what I'm doing. What I really need is like, ten of these, and its contents would depend on my activities. That would be awesome.


Made in Korea
Size: 13.4" x 8.3"
Price: $28.05
Where to buy: JetPens


The Invite.L slim bag-in-bag is approximately the size of a legal pad, with just a few extra inches on the height. This particular colour scheme is the wine red, and it has a yellow plastic zipper with grey pockets. The mesh pockets on the outside are also wine red. One side has a metal loop to attach things to. The pockets on the outside have grey nylon on the inside to match the inner main pocket. One side of the bag-in-bag has four mesh pockets of various sizes, and two open pockets, and the other side has two equal sized mesh pockets and matching open pockets. The inside has two mesh pockets. There are a lot of pockets!


The Invite.L Slim Bag-in-Bag feels really nice. It's soft and squishy when empty, but doesn't feel cheaply made. When it's stuffed with all my junk, I'm confident that the zipper won't pop and all my stuff won't fall out. Even the mesh is pretty sturdy - nothing has caught on it (which was one of my fears) - so it looks good still. Things slide easily in and out of the compartments. The zipper works well and has not caught or broken, even with all my crazy zipping. It seems to be well-made!
So as I mentioned, I tote this around all the time. I even leave it around my monster cats and they don't destroy it. What a relief. There's nothing hanging off it to attract their attention and there's nothing for them to eat. Most of you won't care about this, but any cat lovers out there might. I also keep cat treats in it (in a plastic container they can't smell through). It stays really clean because of the material. It doesn't attract dust, dirt, or fur. It's quite awesome.
  • Several colours available.
  • Many compartments for awesome organizing.
  • Attractive colour schemes.
  • Free shipping!
  • Holds a lot of stuff and still zips up and can fit in your bag.
  • Nylon material is easy to clean.

  • Only one zippered pocket so you have to make sure your bag-in-bag remains upright if you have a lot of loose contents.

If you need to organize yourself, this bag is pretty cool. I love having things organized and I love being able to find things without having to empty the entire contents of my purse/bag/backpack. I tote the Invite.L Bag-in-Bag around with me in the house and when I go out. I love it. The wine red is my favourite colour too!

Thank you JetPens for making this review possible. I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own, as crazy as they may seem!


Jackie Parkins said...

Maybe I should check out what else JetPens has to offer besides pens once in a while. This bag looks like just what I need!

Azizah Asgarali said...

That is indeed my Filofax :D I haven't done a post on it actually - I will start assembling info for one :)

Azizah Asgarali said...

LOL! I know what you mean. It actually took me a long time to discover the "other" aspects of JetPens. I was like "what? They have things other than pens?" I look at their close out section regularly hehe

조세익 said...

Hello there!

Introduction to Korea Stationery impressive. ^ ^

Michelle N Tremblay said...

Most excellent. :)

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