Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Perraz Gipsy Acrylic Ballpoint Pens

Lately, I have a thing for acrylic. It's because it's so gorgeous. And it's available in every colour under the sun and just about every colour combination you could dream of, which is amazing. Of course that causes my "I-want-one-of-everything-itis" to flare up. Anyway. On to the pens.


Brand: Perraz
Model: Gipsy
Body Material: Acrylic
Trim: Chrome
Length: 5.25"
Barrel diameter: 0.5"
Section diameter: 0.45"
Weight: 26 g/1.0 oz
Price: $23.00 (Sale $11.00)
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Perraz Gipsy Ballpoint Pens
The Perraz Gipsy ballpoint pens arrived minimally packaged in a clear plastic sleeve inside a thicker green plastic sleeve by Perraz. The packaging was satisfactory. I don't expect much packaging for economy priced ballpoint pens so any packaging at all is a surprise. The pens arrived safely with no dents or dings. The sleeves are handy to keep for storage because they take up no space at all and are very useful for other pens as well.


Both pens have the same shape - slightly larger barrels that taper towards the tip and center, then flare outwards towards the end. A metal ring circles the center of the pen, separating the barrel section from the clip section. It has Perraz written on. The clip is also metal and is unremarkable in that it is not an unusual or weird design. I feel it matches the pen's design well.
Perraz Gipsy Ballpoint Pens
The pens itself came in two different colours - one in black and white pearlescent swirled acrylic and the other in a pearlescent red swirl acrylic. Both are very attractive and shimmery, showing off their beautiful depth in the right lighting.


Well, there's not much to report in this section. The Gipsy pens are ballpoint pens, so it's basically they either work or they don't. And they do! Quite well, as a matter of fact. There were no hard starts and once the pens were going, they wrote well. No ink blobs either, which was a relief, because that would really ruin it. As such, there is no smearing of the ink so this is safe for left-handed users. This is a function of the refill though so if you are interested in this pen, make sure you are picking up quality refills and don't just stick a garbage refill in here!
Perraz Gipsy Ballpoint Pens & Banditapple Writing Sample

The Perraz Gipsy ballpoints surprised me in how comfortable and nice they are in hand. The barrels are a perfect size and are nicely contoured for being held in one's grip. I truly am pleased with the comfort of this pen. It's just awesome. I am also a big fan of acrylic pens in general because they don't get slippery during long writing sessions and feel nice and warm to the touch after being in hand.

  • Accepts many refills: Parker-style ballpoint/gel refills, Schneider® Express 735; Schneider® Slider 755 medium or XB; Schmidt®-style P900 refills by Private Reserve Ink® Pelikan® 337, MonteVerde®Softroll fits Parker, SZ Leqi® Fits-Parker BP refills, Capless Gel fits Parker® by MonteVerde®, Parker®-style P900 Gel refill by Private Reserve Ink®, Parker® gel refills 
  • Very comfortable to write with.
  • Very pretty! 
    • It's "just" a ballpoint.
     Perraz Gipsy Ballpoint Pens & Banditapple

    Sometimes you need a ballpoint, and these are quite decent ones to carry around with you. Great price and quality refills available all over the place. The acrylic bodies are also very attractive and comfortable to use! I really like them and the prices are very reasonable. Check out Perraz Pens to see their other fine writing instruments and accessories!

    I received these Gipsy ballpoint pens from Perraz pens free of charge for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for writing this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


    Jackie Parkins said...

    They are really pretty and it's nice that they accept different refills. Specifically, a gel ink refill. I haven't had good luck with plain ballpoint ink - too many blobs.

    jenny frith said...

    they are beautiful! they look like marble stone. the black and white one is my favorite.

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