Monday, April 29, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Pens and Paper

My hiatus is almost over! Thank goodness, it's so boring being on a pen and pen-related goods buying hiatus, seriously. However, you wonderful people have sent me fun things to keep me occupied, and it totally worked.

José sent me these fun goodies - Pilot FriXion clickers and a pack of Pilot ink cartridges, which are crazy gorgeous colors, by the way. Tyco loves these pens actually. He likes to bat them around before I take them away and scold him. Thank you José!
Pilot FriXions & Pilot Ink From Jose
Jenny sent me this fascinating assortment of paper, stickers, and associated stationery-addict items, while providing me with many great ideas of how I can reuse many household things to make more nifty stationery things. So cool! Thank you!

Jenny's ParcelJenny's Parcel
Jenny's Parcel
Pilot Pen hosts quite a few giveaways on Twitter and I won a pack of their Acroballs quite recently - here they are! I have used the ones from JetPens before and they're awesome, and I'm looking forward to trying out the ones with colored ink. Yummy.
Pilot Acroballs


Azizah Asgarali said...

Right you are, sadly. Blobs are starting to happen to me too. They are so pretty and comfy though..

mjcong said...

ohhh and they are fine point.. damnit dont say that they are blobby!

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