Monday, April 29, 2013

Mailbox Goodies: Pens and Paper

My hiatus is almost over! Thank goodness, it's so boring being on a pen and pen-related goods buying hiatus, seriously. However, you wonderful people have sent me fun things to keep me occupied, and it totally worked.

José sent me these fun goodies - Pilot FriXion clickers and a pack of Pilot ink cartridges, which are crazy gorgeous colors, by the way. Tyco loves these pens actually. He likes to bat them around before I take them away and scold him. Thank you José!
Pilot FriXions & Pilot Ink From Jose
Jenny sent me this fascinating assortment of paper, stickers, and associated stationery-addict items, while providing me with many great ideas of how I can reuse many household things to make more nifty stationery things. So cool! Thank you!

Jenny's ParcelJenny's Parcel
Jenny's Parcel
Pilot Pen hosts quite a few giveaways on Twitter and I won a pack of their Acroballs quite recently - here they are! I have used the ones from JetPens before and they're awesome, and I'm looking forward to trying out the ones with colored ink. Yummy.
Pilot Acroballs


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